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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 24            June 16, 2005

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On Sunday, June 12th, thirty-three students celebrated four years of sacrifice when they were awarded with diplomas at the 30th Annual San Pedro High School Commencement Exercises. The graduates, attired in green and white robes, marched down the white carpet to the musical notes of “Pomp and Circumstance” into the beautifully decorated San Pedro Catholic Church. Marching down the aisle, the students displayed much pride for their academic achievement.

    Previous to the commencement exercise, Reverend Father Paul Grala officiated an inspirational Graduation Mass. Graduate Gladys Urbina was Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening and began the exercise by introducing Byron Acosta who gave the Salutatory Address. In his speech, Byron commented, “I will fondly remember the academic help we gave each other. My fellow graduates, you should be proud of yourselves. Thank you […] to the teachers for the remarkable job that they have done. […] Thank you to our community.”

    Principal Angel Nuñez, with assistance from Chairlady Martha Guerrero, awarded diplomas to the deserving graduates. Students that excelled in their class academic achievements also received awards, included were: Byron Acosta (Form 4G), Katrina Bradley (Form 4A), Conchita Ayuso (Form 3C), Natalie Arceo (Form 3G), Gabriela Guerrero (Form 3A), Alexis Guerrero (Form 2A), Jeniva Flowers (Form 2G), Jean Seruntin (Form 2C), Jamira Craft (2C), Darwin Tabora (Form 1G), Eni Gonzalez (Form 1A), and Alice Huang (Form 1C). Receiving one of the highest honors of the night was Fidel Ancona Jr. – Student of the Year Award. “He has inspired his peers to be better persons and has inspired teachers to be better teachers,” exclaimed Principal Nuñez, prior to handing out the award to Fidel.

    Mr. Nuñez then gave his Principal’s address, which was followed by Guest Speaker Andre Perez. In his speech, Mr. Perez spoke on two important factors, “which are lacking not only in our community, but the country and the world – leadership and family.” He went on to comment, to the graduates, “Do you have the desire to be the next generation of leaders or the next generation of followers. [The leadership in our country today is] showing inconsistencies, which are cause for concern. Some say that we need a new government; to them I say maybe we need new governors. […] As leaders, we must learn to do what is right. […] Parents, I challenge you – put more focus on our students.”

    Valedictorian Katrina Bradley then took the podium to address those present. In her emotional speech, Katrina stated, “Dedication and sacrifice are the pillars of success. […] Mr. Nuñez and his staff, thank you for your efforts. To the students, push, push and push […] your hard efforts will pay off.”

    Teacher Yannicki Kie conducted the “Rose Ceremony,” “[Parents] accept these roses as a symbol of love and appreciation.” Third form student Natalie Arceo and the choir honored the graduating class with a beautiful song entitled Good-bye San Pedro High.

    The San Pedro Sun congratulates all of the 2005 graduates and wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

    (The San Pedro High School graduating class also organized and rewarded the graduating class of 2005 with a fabulous Prom night. The venue for the prom was at the Barefoot Iguana and the students had one night to dress to impress and wow their dates. The night turned out to be a grand event as hundreds of people gathered outside to watch the students as they made their grand entrance with their dates.

    The night turned out to be a special one as the students took it over the top and got all dressed up. Not only did they look their best, but they went the extra mile by decorating their golf carts, like the one pictured here.

    After their photographs were taken at the adorned entrance, the party kicked off inside as San Pedro’s finest, DJ Debbie was on the one’s and two’s. It was an all night extravaganza for the students and teachers as they enjoyed one more night together as a collective unit.)

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