Juventus wins BPFL Regent's Cup 2005

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 26            June 30, 2005

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Well football fans, here's the latest dish of football news. Juventus now holds bragging rights for this year as they won the Belize Premier Football Leagues' Regent Cup 2005. The decisive game was played at Independence Stadium and it was a re-match of the previous game. And oh boy, the weather was not on our side either, but still the referee and both teams decided to continue play as scheduled. The game took place on Saturday, June 25th at the defending champion's territory the Michael Ashcroft Stadium; the weather certainly didn't stop the either teams from playing hard either.

    At kick off, it is evident that the players were having an even much difficult task to play how they intended to, but still tried their best. Minutes in the game, Derys Benavides looked like a threat early with a play he made, but his attempt was unsuccessful. Then in the 28 minute, Christopher Hendricks managed to get pass the Sagitun players and scored the first goal, at which point the Michael Ashcroft stadium roared as the fans could not believe what transpired. Sagitun now found themselves in deep trouble as they were down one to nothing. Nevertheless, they kept pressuring the Suga City Squad and kept playing tough defense. Meanwhile, at the other end, Derys Benevides got a good look at goal, but Darren Hinds was quick to dive for the ball and made the save. The next play could have placed the defending champs in even deeper trouble as the keeper misplayed the ball, but Oliver Hendricks did not take advantage of it. The first half ended and the Juventus squad was still up 1-0.

    At the start of the second half, Sagitun tightened up on both defense and especially offense. The sense of urgency was certainly in the air, then Elroy Kuylen had the chance to square things off, but was a tad bit too late launching. Minutes later, a center was launched in the danger zone, Sagitun's Hilberto Muschamp was taken down inside the eighteen box and of course the referee rules penalty. As a result, a protest from the Juventus corner came brewing and a ruckus ensued. At this point, the referee issued yellow cards to some players in order to keep things settled. After that dose of real TV, play resumed and Sagitun sent Peter Mariano to take the penalty, but he failed miserably on the conversion. Then, the score was almost doubled as Oliver Hendricks took a header that was unexpected for the keeper, but the Sagitun defense was there to clean things up. At the last minutes of the game, Sagitun could already see the game and the title slipping away as they were doing everything possible to get a clear shot at goal. In the end, Juventus of Orange Walk goes on to post the 1-zip big W to sweep the defending champion Sagitun of Independence in two straight outing, capturing the 2005 semi-pro football title. But no worries, the Sagitun team did give the Orange Walk boys a run for their money and played good.

    On behalf of The San Pedro Sun, congratulations to Juventus for winning the title this year. Much love and respect goes out to the guys, you worked all season long to get to this point, played with heart and put much effort to close out the season as victors. See you next season!

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