Pescador Drive Inaugurated

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 27            July 7, 2005

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San Pedro Town, a beautiful piece of paradise situated in the Caribbean is blooming with beauty and charm. Nevertheless, the rainy season leaves the streets filled with potholes and mud, while during the dry season the air is thick with dust. However, through the valiant efforts of the San Pedro Town Council and Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr., Pescador Drive received a much needed restoration. The Pescador Drive Rehabilitation Project began on February 14th, 2005 and was officially inaugurated on Thursday, June 30th, 2005.

    The first speaker to take the podium was Mayor Elsa Paz and she emphasized the importance of this project on “La Isla Bonita”. “For many years, the people of San Pedro endured the deplorable conditions of this street and today, we rejoice in the completion of this undertaking. […] We all know the story behind this project – the many obstacles we encountered while trying to carry out such much-needed improvements, but because of the Council’s determination and the support of the local community, we can now celebrate our accomplishments. Again, we have proven that unity makes the force.”

    Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Area Representative for Belize Rural South, was also present for the joyous occasion. He commended everyone who in some way contributed to these efforts to all the people who willingly contributed. Honorable Heredia went on to explain that the cobblestone project was simply one of the many undertakings that along with the council they are trying to complete to help the residents of San Pedro.

    Throughout the ceremony, speakers thanked the many businesses and members of the private sector who willingly assisted financially in this undertaking. Mayor Paz along with Miss San Pedro 2004-2005 Roxanna Bradley honored the many people who contributed with awards. Those gathered in front of the San Juan statue, applauded the many representatives as they received their awards of recognition.

    Nellie Gomez, a civic minded member of the community, was an honored guest speaker. She exclaimed that as well as the resident of the island, she too was glad that the project had finally reached its completion.

    The second guest speaker of the day was entrepreneur Kelly McDermott. “The new roads will make San Pedro a better place to live and a more enjoyable place to vacation. On a larger level, the paving is proof that if local government and businesses work together almost anything is possible. The Mayor and Town Council and Area Representative worked very hard to raise the funds from our national government and after they received some of the funds necessary, they worked hard to encourage local businesses to cover the expenses that the national government would not. And local businesses, like the one I am involved in, The Phoenix, answered that call and were happy to donate the large amounts of money to make this street paving a reality. Projects like this are what San Pedro needs more of local politicians listening to the people and deciding how San Pedro can improve and then working with local businesses who are interested in giving back to the community,” she mentioned.

    Councilor Nesto Gomez then addressed the gathered with the vote of thanks, marking the end of the celebration. Those gathered were treated to drinks and snacks.
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