The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 34            August 25, 2005

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The Governor-General’s Music in Schools Program wrapped up their inaugural session in San Pedro on August 18th with over forty students participating in the summer program. Students enjoyed art, drama and dance for six weeks throughout the summer.

   Local artist Curvin Mitchell volunteered his time to teach the children the fundamentals of art. “I wanted to give back to the community,” Mitchell told The San Pedro Sun. He said his students showed great promise. His goal was to give them the building blocks to continue their art. “I did not have this kind of instruction when I was this age, and I think it makes a big difference in their future development in the arts.”

   Mellie Badillo provided 25 girls and boys with dance instruction. She said the kids excelled throughout the summer. “It’s important to give these children something to do in the summer,” she said. Badillo also volunteers at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School when school is in session.

   Ten-year-old Natalie Olivarez said she enjoyed participating in the dance program. “I want to be a dancer some day,” she said.

   The dancers will perform during the coronation of Miss San Pedro on September 10th.

   Evan Vernon served on the San Pedro Committee for the Governor’s Summer Program. “It was a big success,” he told The Sun. Vernon added that he hopes the program will grow and be even better next year.
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