Ministry of Health & Project C.U.R.E donate equipment to Polyclinic II

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 43            November 3, 2005

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On Thursday, October 27th, Minister of Health, Honorable Vildo Marin, was on hand at the San Pedro Poly Clinic II, to initiate the process of donating a substantial amount of equipment to the Poly Clinic II on behalf of the Ministry and CURE in Belize. Accompanying Minister Marin were the ambassadors of the Project CURE organization.

   Project CURE is a non-profit, humanitarian relief organization that collects medical surplus and donates it to developing countries. Since 1987, Project CURE has delivered donated medical supplies and equipment to the most desperately ill and needy people living in more than 100 countries around the world. Project CURE’S International Headquarters is located in Centennial, Colorado. The organization makes a difference, as their substantial, ongoing donations of medical supplies and equipment change the infrastructure of healthcare systems. Project CURE helps those who have no other advocate; from founder, James Jackson, to each member of the CURE Corps of volunteers, they have become the Ambassadors of Hope. The need for Project CURE has never been greater. The organization would lend a helping hand to natural disaster victims in the developing world. The outlook for these people, many who live on a dollar per day, spirals further down with each instance of governmental or economic collapse.

   Since the beginning of the Poly Clinic II project, the organization Project CURE set its sights on the clinic and had promised to supply the facility with equipment and medical supplies. In an interview with Milo Paz Jr., Immediate Past President, the San Pedro Sun learned that the equipment totaled 90% of the supplies that are needed to equip the clinic. The equipment is yet to reach the island, but will arrive very shortly, and the Belize Mission Project has offered to pay for the shipping costs. In addition, Project CURE met with the appropriate governmental officials to secure a waiver of tariffs and duty and a guaranty of safe and timely delivery of the medical donations.

   The San Pedro community will now benefit immensely from this substantial donation and wish to thank the Ministry of Health, The Project CURE Belize and the Belize Mission Project for making it possible.
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