$16K+ raised for hurricane victims in Mexico

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 44            November 10, 2005

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San Pedro Mayor Elsa Paz pitured with Mexican Ambassador Manuel Arturo Trejo Nava, who thanked the San Pedro Community for their generosity.

The San Pedro Dance company celebrated their 7th Anniversary with a fundraiser for flood/hurricane victims.

Saturday, November 5th, San Pedro residents were on hand at the Central Park in support of the fundraiser held to aid the flood victims of Mexico that were recently victim to the wrath of Hurricane Wilma. The night was even bigger as the San Pedro Dance Company celebrated their 7th Anniversary, and to show their support towards the drive, they dedicated their program to the hurricane/flood victims. The program was entitled “Bailando Por Quintana Roo” and it was truly a memorable night as they entertained the crowd all night with their fresh moves. Coral Cable Vision and Reef Radio were also a huge help as they broadcasted the entire event through a live telethon and radiothon they had. The phone lines kept busy throughout the night as people called in to pledge their donations.

   Images of Hurricane Wilma’s destruction and massive flooding were strewn all over the media and were too painful for many people to watch. But instead of feeling helpless, the San Pedro community were energized and inspired to help the flood victims.

   The drive was in collaboration with the San Pedro Dance Company, SP Lions Club, SP Town Council, SP Red Cross, the Costa Maya Festival Committee, Reef Radio, Coral Cable Vision, Miss Florita and Friends, SMART, Pepe Molina Chair Rentals, Big Daddy’s and many more who all came together for one sole purpose. During the course of the night, many activities were held including several dance performances from the dance company. The lively up tempo beat that filled the air kept the drive going and held a steady pace throughout the night. Other activities included a performance of the Belize National Company and the New Generation Company who amazed the crowd with their hip-hop moves. Then, the Dance Company held a small awards ceremony were members of the company were recognized. Alexis Guerrero was the recipient of the “Dancer of the Year” award; while Emily Gomez, big winner of the night, took home two awards for “Best Outstanding and Promising Dance”. Finally, the “Overall Performance” award went to Melissa Guerrero and Kayla Couch.

   The night truly turned out to be a community effort as hundreds of people gathered to watch and pledged their help with donations. Food was also donated to the cause and the total food sales amounted to approximately $1,600. Finally, at the end of the night, an estimated $16,000 was collected in donations. The funds will be transferred and used to aid the needy hurricane victims in Mexico.

   The purpose of the fundraiser was to assist those affected and most in need, and the San Pedro community is always willing to lend a helping hand. Once again we join the rest of the public by extending warm heartfelt thank yous to everyone involved, as well as everybody that contributed to the cause. The drive proved that the people of San Pedro can be counted on when called upon for help.

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