San Pedro sports arena gets face lift

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 3            January 19, 2006

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San Pedro R.C. School children will soon have a great sports arena wherein sports tournaments and P.E. games can be held.

As part of their commitment to sports and youth in San Pedro, the San Pedro Town Council is proud to announce their continued work for betterment on the island. This time around, the San Pedro sports arena which is located beside the San Pedro Roman Catholic School is currently receiving a much needed face-lift. Joseph Elijio, sports councilor met with Mayor Elsa Paz and Belize Rural South Area Representative Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. were at the complex to get a glimpse of the progress and comment on the projects at hand. “The five-a-side project demonstrates our commitment to the youth in San Pedro, we are refurbishing the arena because we find it vital for our youths to have a place to play sports,” commented Elijio.

   Currently, the work being done is replacing the back boards, painting of the walls, replacing the old basketball rims and more to make it functional for the youth. The total cost of refurbishing the five-a side complex is approximately $10,000. This project will then mark the initiation of the tournaments that were postponed because of the lack of the proper playing grounds. Elijio was ecstatic about the completion of the projects and stated that this is just one of the many projects they will be worked on. The next goal involves installing a basketball court at the Boca del Rio Park. The start on the project is uncertain at the time, but it has been promised that it will begin in the coming weeks.

   Apart from the good news of the complex, Elijio commented on the vandalism and would like to plead to the public especially the youth who use the recreational area to discontinue doing so. Vandalism is a serious offense and anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Therefore, the public is asked to join in the fight against these acts, so we could have a place for everyone to enjoy and be proud of.

   With its completion around the corner, the basketball and volleyball tournaments will soon kick off. The sports committee is inviting teams willing to participate in the tournaments as it will commence shortly. The Mayor, along with Honorable Heredia, and Joseph Elijio, hope that island youth and others take full advantage of the new facilities with great enthusiasm and participation in tournaments. The town council also takes this opportunity to thank its major contributors Bowen & Bowen and the Lighthouse Christian Radio for its help in making the dream of the sports arena a reality. Updates on the five-a-side completion, its inauguration and the subsequent tournament games will be published in the coming issues of The San Pedro Sun. Stay tuned
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