Three More Years!
UDP Dominates Municipal Elections

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 9            March 1, 2006

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Celebrating with her local supporters, mayor Elsa Paz leads a parade through dowtown San Pedro after it was announced at 5:00 a.m. that she, and the rest of the UDP 7 dominated the San Pedro Municipal Election.

Even at 4 a.m., the energetic UDP crowd was determined to stick it out till the final votes were tallied. Elsa Paz, UDP Mayoral Candidate was urged by supporters to wave her flag in a show of confidence.

On Wednesday, March 1st, 2006, registered voters throughout the country of Belize went to the polls to exercise their right to vote for local municipal elections. San Pedro residents anxiously awaited the results of what seemed to be a tight race between the People’s United Party and the United Democratic Party. This year, Ernesto “Nasa” Caliz presented himself as an Independent candidate for councilor.

   Out of 4177 registered voters, 2948 individuals cast their votes, marking 70.58% as compared to the 80.02% that voted three years ago.

   History was made once more when United Democratic Party (UDP) Mayoral candidate Elsa Paz was re-elected as the town’s mayor. The entire UDP team was victorious, taking all six seats for the San Pedro Town Council in a landslide win. The newly re-elected councilors are: Severo Guerrero Sr., Joseph Elijio, Juan Jose Alamilla, Justiniano (Nano) Guerrero, Romel Nesto Gomez, and first time candidate, Pablo Ico. Countrywide the United Democratic Party captured the majority of seats in all two cities and seven towns, handing the ruling People’s United Party Prime Minister Said Musa, its first electoral defeat in ten years.

   In San Pedro, of the 4,177 registered voters, a total of 2,948 or 70.6% of voters cast their ballots for the candidates they felt were most qualified and deserving of the opportunity to serve the residents and visitors of “La Isla Bonita”. The following is a list of candidates and their total votes received.

*San Pedro Town municipal election results:

Mayor                                                              Votes

    Elsa Paz (UDP)                                            1728

    Alberto “Don Beto” Nuñez (PUP)                1054

Councilor                                                         Votes

    Juan Alamilla (UDP)                                    1680

    Joseph Elijio (UDP)                                      1685

    Nesto Romel Gomez (UDP)                         1540

    Justiniano “Nano” Gomez (UDP)                 1667

    Severo Guerrero Sr. (UDP)                          1723

    Pablo Ico (UDP)                                           1569


    Ricardo “Pepe” Molina (PUP)                     1100

    Alex “Maestro” Nuñez (PUP)                      1274

    Andre Perez (PUP)                                      1164

    Martha Naie Sabido (PUP)                           1126

    Murlene “Mel” Spain (PUP)                        1209

    Javier Williams (PUP)                                  1167


    Ernesto “Nasa Caliz (Independent)                100


National election results:

*Corozal Town


    Hilberto Campos (UDP)                               1788

    Mario Ignacio Narváez (PUP)                      1628


    Aaron Babb (UDP)

    Luis Brooks (UDP)

    Joselle Willie Cruz (UDP)

    Abigail Gomez (UDP)

    Rosalee Price Williams (UDP)

    Nonita Ramirez (UDP)

*OrangeWalk Town


    Ravell Gonzalez, Mayor, (UDP)                  3268

    Netty Johnson, (PUP)                                   2676


    Raul Alcocer (UDP)

    Philip De La Fuente (UDP)

    Jamil Matar (UDP)

    Rosario Leiva Melendez (UDP)

    Enid Urbina Morales (UDP)                        

    Carlos Perera (UDP)

*Benque Viejo


    Gerardo Marconi Sosa (UDP)                      1252

    Francisco Trinidad “Daito” Mendez (PUP)  1196


    Elmer Guerra (UDP)

    Salvador “Jorge” Iglesias (UDP)

    Nicholasito Russel “Nicholas” Ruiz (UDP)

    Adrian “Chejo” Guerra Jr. (UDP)

    Mirna Araceli Escalante (UDP)

    Armando Chulin (PUP)



    Frank “Papa” Mena (UDP)                          1697

    Cassian K. Nunez (PUP)                              970


    Alden Jack Chavez (UDP)

    Grace Fairweather (UDP)

    Russell (Chiste) Garcia (UDP)

    Aaron Jake Góngora (UDP)

    Barbara “Bubie” Norales (UDP)

    Harry Henry Sabal (UDP)

*Punta Gorda


    Carlos “Obeah” Galvez, (PUP)                    623

    Charles Selgado (UDP)                                 565


    Wilfredo “Will” Galvez (UDP)

    Anthony “Bones” Lambey (UDP)

    Floyd Lino (UDP)

    Rene Arthur Pennell (UDP)

    George Sambula (UDP)

    Leeroy Ned Supaul (UDP)

*San Ignacio/Santa Elena


    John Francis August Jr. (UDP)                     3292

    Nelson Tillet (PUP)                                      1661


    Eduardo “Eddie” Cano (UDP)

    Bernadette Fernandez (UDP)

    George Luis Herrera (UDP)

    Iliana Moreno (UDP)

   Vanesa Jeaneane Neal (UDP)

    Earl Trapo Jr. (UDP)



    Simeon Lopez (UDP)                                   1554

    Eloy Ashwood Waight (PUP)                        1173


    Tita Balona (UDP)

    Eugene Michael Brown (UDP)

    Celso Carcomo (UDP)

    Pedro Pete Carillo (UDP)

    Olga Myers (UDP)

    Victor Perdomo (UDP)

*Belize City

    As of press time, all UDP candidates were voted into the Belize City Council.

The winning candidates join their supporters for an impromtu parade through the town.

The town streets were filled with lively UDP supporters who paraded in the early light of dawn after finding out that San Pedro, like the rest of the country, had gone UDP.

    The names are as follows:


    Zenaida Victoria Moya (UDP)


    Laura Andrea Esquivel

    Mark Anthony King

    Hyacinth E. Latchman

    Anthony James Michael

    Gilroy Hughdonald Middleton

    Leila Amira Peyrefitte

    Calvert Wayne Quilter

    Dean Trevor Samuels

    Wayne Owen Maurice Usher

    Philip Cordova Willoughby
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