Secondary Festival of Arts

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 13            March 30, 2006

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The High School band members, along with Javier Romero (vocalist), received a gold medal.

The San Pedro High School dancers brought back 2 gold medals for their exceptional performance at the Festival of Arts.

Eleven secondary schools participated in this year’s Secondary Festival of Arts that took center stage at the Bliss Institute of the Performing Arts in Belize City last week. Among others schools, for the first time the San Pedro High School (SPHS) participated in the event and brought back three (3) gold medals for their musical talents and well put together dance performances.

   For years, promoters have been appealing for high school students to take centre stage at the Festival of Arts and though this is not the first time secondary schools have participated in the event, when the show officially opened on Monday morning, it was clear that the high schools were out to make their presence felt. The week’s performances got several thumbs up from their main sponsor, the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH.

   The influence of foreign music was obvious during the entire week, but according to NICH President Yasser Musa, imitation of popular performers is an important first step for young aspiring artists. This year schools like Ladyville Tech, Wesley College and the San Pedro High School blew the audience away with their superb musical and artistic talents. During the years, Wesley College has established an expressive arts programme and impressive steel band which has become a role model for other institutions and also a audience favorite. Over at this end, the San Pedro High School’s very own Javier Romero won gold for his singing talents, the dance group which consists of 20 girls also wowed the crowd with their superb dance performance which earned them two gold medals.

   The performances throughout the week proved why there is a need for a secondary schools to participate in the festival, as it is a way they can reach out to them combining history, culture, and of course music to make a wonderful recipe for success. To put them on stage, to have them participate the same way that NICH have done so effectively with the children’s festival at the primary level is splendid.

   The community as well as The Sun would like to applaud NICH for their continued commitment to youths all over the nation, as well as kudos to other high schools, especially the San Pedro High School, for a job well done; you guys make us proud!
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