Art Show at Tony Brown’s

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 13            March 30, 2006

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Artists take advantage of the art show to mingle with other artists and friends.

A gorgeous painting by talented Japanese artist, Mito.

Curvin Mitchell with one of his paintings, an especially unique underwater seascape with a real sea fan attached.

This past Sunday, artist and musician Tony Brown had the pleasure of hosting friends and invited guests to another fabulous art show. Featured artists included Sharon Metcalfe, Mito, Walter Castillo, Tony Brown, Daniel Velasquez, Curvin Mitchell, and Pamela Brown. The colorful pieces were displayed throughout the rooms at Tony’s residence, and guests were seen ooh-ing and aah-ing over the beautiful works of art.

   Of particular interest were four mermaids on display, all by different artists. The divine colors and brushstrokes showcased a lot of talent and precision on behalf of each artist. Speaking to one of the artists, Curvin Mitchell, The San Pedro Sun found out that each brushstroke carried emotion and love for the subject on displays. “In the painting with the sea fan (pictured), I just knew I had to have the sea fan when I stumbled on it while across the cut,” says Mitchell. “It was flat on one side and fit perfectly against the canvas, and I haven’t seen anything like it!”

   Indeed, his work, as well as those of the other artists displayed, had a touch of uniqueness; even though there were four mermaids, each one was vastly different from the other, with each artist’s medium and talent setting him apart from the other.

   Tony Brown was very happy with the turnout, and kept his guests happy with great music, tasty libations, spicy ceviche and salsa, while they admired the great works of art on display. Here’s hoping there’s another show soon!
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