Easter Celebrated in San Pedro!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 16            April 21, 2006

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Record numbers visit San Pedro for Easter

The Caye Caulker Water Taxi had every boat in their fleet working overtime transporting the holiday travelers.

One of the most celebrated holidays in Belize saw “La Isla Bonita” bursting at the seams with visitors from near and far who chose San Pedro for their holiday escape. The water taxis and airplanes were filled with passengers coming from the mainland.

   Tropic Air said they had record breaking numbers of passengers. According to Denny Sunderman, Customer Service Manager, 3,312 passengers flew country-wide over the three day weekend, many traveling to tourist destinations including San Pedro and Placencia. Sunderman added that the travelers were an even mix of international tourists and Belizeans.

   The Caye Caulker Water Taxi had every boat in their fleet working overtime transporting the holiday travelers. One spokesperson emphasized that they were “extremely busy”.

   On the island, the taxis and golf cart companies also did a brisk business. Cab operator Victor Barboza said the entire island was extremely busy including the taxis. He said it was a very good weekend, but commented that with all the additional golf cart companies, business was about the same as last year.

   William Garcia from Moncho’s Golf Cart Rental said they were sold out the entire weekend. “I almost had to rent my bike,” he joked.

   Many of the visitors went downtown to quench their thirst and cool their taste buds. Alan Bentkofsky from Island Ice Cream II said they also had record breaking sales. Jan Brown, owner of the Pier Lounge also said it was about the busiest her establishment has been in the two years she has owned the business.

   Tropic Air’s Denny Sunderman, added that business is up so far this tourist season compared to last year.

Egg Hunting in San Pedro

Children of all ages enjoyed the Easter weekend. Easter Egg hunts, spending time on the beach with family and friends, and flying kites were favorite past-times.

Stacy Rogers was presented with her St. Francis Xavier Credit Union gift certificate by Gina Gilharry and Elisa Novelo.

The Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce Annual Easter Egg Hunt took place this past Easter Sunday on the property of Tom Vidrine on the North side of the island. About 100 kids aged from 3 to 12 participated, searching for over 500 eggs hidden all over the property by volunteers from the Chamber and other members of the community. Hot dogs and soft drinks were provided for all in attendance.

   Egg-hunting grounds weren’t only left for the north side of the island though. People were scouting The San Pedro Sun newspaper as well.

   This year, The San Pedro Sun decided to hold a very unique Easter Egg Hunt. Hidden inside one of the articles in the paper was a tiny egg, masquerading as a letter. As soon as the paper came out with the front page announcement of the hunt, people started to search for the egg.

   Calls started to come through from early on, and at 11:22 a.m. on Thursday, April 13th, Stacy Rogers called in, only to find out that she was the lucky winner. “My boyfriend Aaron actually was the one who encouraged me to read up on hurricanes, and so when I got the newspaper, I started reading through it, looking for a story on hurricanes.” She continued, “He always said I never read those stories, so I decided I would do so. I found the story titled, “Meteorologists to attend Regional Forum”, on Page 14.” That was the story that contained the hidden egg, and she located it while reading the article.

   Stacy was hesitant to call the office, as she had never won anything, and she was worried that someone had already won, but she decided to call anyway. Imagine this young mother of two’s surprise when she found out that she had won a $100 savings account from St. Francis Xavier Credit Union! “I’m very excited!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never won anything like this, so I am very happy!”

   For our first ever annual San Pedro Sun Easter Egg Hunt, Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union generously donated the $100 savings account to our winner, Stacy Rogers.

   St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Limited is located on Laguna Drive in San Pedro. The Credit Union is most unique in that its members own the union, and thus has many benefits. St. Francis Xavier offers attractive interest rates on shares and deposits, free life savings insurance up to $10,000, lowest interest rate of 1% per month on reducing balance, free loan protection insurance up to $40,000, and a “Womb to Tomb” burial scheme. With over 28 million dollars in assets, and over 16,000 members, St. Francis Xavier Credit Union is growing fast, and offering lots more for members. Call 226-2877 for more information or stop by and join today, where a friendly bank manager Elvis Canul, and great staff Gina Gilharry and Elisa Novelo are waiting to serve you!

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