Office Practice for St. Peter’s College Students

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 20            May 19, 2006

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Eleanor Rosalez was assigned to work at Tropic Air, including the cargo department, where she interacted with customers and learned to work as a team with the present employees.

Xiomara Maldonado was assigned to work at the Wings department store where she learned how to deal with business, to work as a group and it gave her the chance to meet a lot of people.

This past week, St. Peter’s College embarked on a new approach to give the students a first hand look at the work force. A total of twenty four 4th Form students were introduced to a week of work experience in the different organizations and business establishments to put to test their knowledge and get a first hand look at the real work force.

   Vice Principal of St. Peters, Miguel Hernandez, spoke with The Sun and commented on their new approach, “this is a great way for the students to gain experience in the work field. We are focusing on the development of our talented young people so they develop the confidence and ability to ‘see the future’ and then make it happen.” The students all had a rich academic, intellectual and social experience amongst their peers and work partners. Work experience is almost always a good thing; it shows responsible behavior and the ability to get along with others.

   The Sun visited the different business and watched the students perform the duties assigned. Their experiences differed from the rest as they were broken up into areas of business, hospitality, tourism areas, the banks, resorts and even the town council. Xiomara Maldonado was assigned to work at the Wings department store, when asked what she’s learned, she stated, “I learned a lot; how to deal with business, to work as a group and it gave me the chance to meet a lot of people. Overall, I think it has been a good experience. I hope to continue in business. I plan to go on to 6th Form and some day I would like to own my own business.” Another student, Eleanor Rosalez, was assigned to work Tropic Airlines. She worked in all aspects of the company including reservations, accounting and the cargo department. When asked how her experience went, Rosalez stated, “This was great, I learned how to handle shipments, I worked in reservations and accounting. I chose Tropic because since I was young I always liked the airport and the planes. I worked with, and met a lot of people, but I plan to further my studies and complete my 6th Form.” Their office practice came to an end last Friday and they returned to school with a renewed commitment to their own intellectual development and a depth of human understanding gained from interaction with their peers. One advantage to their experience is that they learn more about a career field or work environment, but also helps if they make a very good impression on the people they meet, it could open the door to another experience later. This is sometimes the students’ first way to get a foot in the door of an organization or career field. The experience, although short, developed skills and experience that they can list on their resume and thus can be a stepping stone to help them get other kinds of jobs. The approach shows initiative; always a good thing.

   Individuals and organizations who hosted the students contributed to their valuable time to give them a free learning experience.
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