Late Night Taxi Hold-ups

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 20            May 19, 2006

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While we all depend on Taxi Drivers to take us safely home, we never really take into account their own safety. The recent wave of robberies against taxi drivers has brought their safety concerns to light.

Recently, a series of robberies seem to be plaguing the island of San Pedro. Innocent people are being victimized and a cry of concern is being heard. Just this past week, there have been reports of taxi drivers being the main targets of late night assaults. One such report occurred on Thursday, May 11th, when Ervindo Cal, taxi driver of DFC subdivision was on the job working late. According to the Police Report, Cal picked up three men; one of Spanish descent and the other two of dark complexion on Pescador Drive. They asked the driver to take them by Escalante Subdivision. During the course to their destination, one of the men took out a knife and placed it under the driverís throat. The culprits demanded he hand over the money, which he did, a total of $185 was stolen. They then fled the scene and fortunately for the driver, he was unscathed. Presently, there are three suspects in connection to this crime, police investigations continue.

   In another report this week, Rigoberto Beltran, 33, taxi driver, reported to police that on Monday, May 15th he was assaulted by a dark male person. According to the complainant, he was on duty after 9:00 p.m. and picked up the individual of dark complexion. The said individual asked the driver to take him to Casa Miranda in the Mosquito Coast Area in San Pedro. Whilst en route, the driver commented to the male that the road was too rough for the vehicle and could not go further. The individual then pulled out a knife and placed it on his throat and threatened him to hand over the money. Accordingly, the driver was quick to grab the knife out of his hands and the culprit fled the scene. Nothing was stolen and the driver was unhurt. Beltran made a report to the police. No arrests have been made and is currently under investigations. Anyone with information leading to the detention of the culprits of these cases are asked to call the nearest police station.

   On a final note, the public is being asked to exercise caution in all parts of the country, particularly at night. Street crime is a principal concern, with thefts, including purse snatching, pick pocketing, assaults, and armed robberies on the rise in some areas. Be on the look out and report any crime being committed at 226-2022.
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