Science Fair at RC School

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 23            June 8, 2006

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Children had the opportunity to display their knowledge of the sciences to everyone who came by to observe their presentations. Students were on hand to discuss and explain their projects when needed.

On Friday the Roman Catholic school held their science fair on the school campus. Booths and stalls were set up to showcase their assigned projects and presentations. The students worked laboriously during the last couple weeks and finally they get to exhibit their proud works. Their creativity and imagination was visible on the projects as they came up with unique ways to bring across their assignments. The science fair included projects based on pollution, the environment, marine life, the effects of a volcano and hurricanes, just to name a few. One class in particular was the Standard II kids, where the class did a group project on air, land and water pollution. The kids took turns to explain each and with class they did it as they were well prepared and generally knowledge on the topic at hand. The students were readily available to explain their projects and answer questions.

    The Sun spoke with the Principal Kay on the turnout, “it was a productive day for all of us, the main purpose of the event was to have the children re-enforce the lessons they’ve learn through the school year. Also, the projects were very educational, the children had a chance to learn from each others projects, overall it was a fairly good turnout.” Although, the participation of the parents were minimal, some were very helpful in the preparation of their child’s project.

    The event proved a success as locals visited the campus in support of the event. The teachers were on hand also with their individual classes who were there to make sure everything ran smoothly. Principal Kay would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved in the Science Fair to make it such fruitful and productive day for all.
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