UB Jaguars Upset the San Pedro TigerSharks

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 29            July 20, 2006

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Despite valiant efforts on the Tigersharks behalf, the UB Jaguars took the championship.

W hat an upset finish it was as the home team TigerSharks had the chance to win their first ever semi-pro championship title, but the relentless Jaguars had other plans and closed out the series on Friday night. The game was played at the sport arena in San Pedro, and it was a remarkable night for the Jaguars as they proved who the true kings of the court were by winning the best of 5 series 3-2, here is how the game went down.

    At tip off, both clubs had their supporters cheering them on, a bunch of UB fans tagged along and made for a good audience. Minutes into the game, the Jaguars took matters into their hands early with a quick lead into the first. Both teams were down one man after an a suspension from the last game at UB, Claude “Too Tall” Jones and Lawrence Culver sat out the game after tempers flared. Jaguars’ main man for the night was Lennox Bowman who put on an impressive start and much needed input. The closest the Sharks were to a lead was at the end of the first 20-23, Keith Acosta would attempt a run but was not enough to regain a lead. At the end of regulation, Jaguars were up 35-41 headed into the locker room.

    At the start of the second half, up by 6, the Jaguars kept their impressive shooting up as they were red hot. In a back to back 3 point play made by the Jaguars, the crowd erupted with their drums and noise makers as the team scored. The crowd blew up in the bleachers, and disappointed faces on the Sharks fans could be visibly seen. The dominance in the third was in favor of the UB crew, at the end they had a 9 point lead, 54-63. The last twelve minutes of play in the fourth was a nail biting and most intense of them all. Led by leading scorer, Lennox Bowman the Jaguars put the team on his back and carried them to victory. Lennox was on fire, he finished the game with 27 points, 3 assists and 2 boards. With the help of Darren Bovell and Jeff Clinton the Jaguars closed out the doors on the TigerSharks dream to win a championship. In a losing effort, Keith Acosta was the lead scorer for the Sharks with 24 points, 3 assists and 14 rebounds. The Sharks total team field goal percentage was a 38% whilst the Jaguars were shooting 50%. The game ended 79-85 in an upset in favor of the UB Jaguars, they now have earn much bragging rights being the 2006 semi-pro basketball champions. Overall, it was a good fight by the Sharks, but the Jaguars proved they wanted the gold more and resulted in the better team coming up with the close out win.

    Congrats to both teams for a most intense and incredibly energetic season, we look forward to next year’s competition. Finally, congratulations and mad props to Jeff Clinton of the Jaguars who took home the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award of the competition.

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