Liliana Nuñez is Miss San Pedro 2006-2007!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 36            September 7, 2006

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The lovely Liliana Nuñez takes the big win for Miss San Pedro 2006 - 2007!

In a stunning pink gown, Miss Jamera Craft stole the hearts of the audience and photographers, as she won titles of Miss Photogenic and First Runner up.

Miss Candy Bradley, ever poised and friendly, won over the contestants as they voted her Miss Congeniality.

To the tune of Madonna's "Isla Bonita", all six contestants sashayed onstage with their red-hot swimsuit numbers, much to the delight of the audience.

In their stunning gowns, all six contestants graced the stage before the ever important "Question and Answer" section.

The San Pedro Dance Company and Barbara's Dance group's Barbies kept the audience captivated during the show.

Natalie Arceo did a beautiful rendition of Celia Cruz' "Mi Tierra".

An emotional Lety lara, accompanied by lovely princess Alina Palma, bids farewell to the crowd during her last walk onstage.

Following the announcement of the winner, Liliana Nuñez, the crowd erupted in loud cheers.

Liliana's number one fan, Israel, cheers on his favorite contestant!

Liliana's biggest supporters throughout the show, her best childhood friends congratulate her after her win.

Little fans crowd San Pedro's newest beauty ambassador.

Three San Pedro beauties: Miss San Pedro 2006-07 is congratulated by her mother Lily and sister Luisana, both past Miss San Pedro queens!

After weeks of preparation the Miss San Pedro Pageant got underway on Saturday, September 2nd, 2006. The six lovely young ladies competing gave the crowd a show to remember, and cheers echoed throughout the old football field when Miss Liliana Nuñez was announced as the winner of the Miss San Pedro 2006-2007 title.

    This year’s pageant was filled with grace, poise and glamour, but it was also a night filled with celebration – a celebration of Belizean Culture as the theme for the night was Belize at 25 in honor of Belize’s 25th year of Independence. In all its glory and beauty, pageant coordinators celebrated all that was Belizean and symbolic of the Belizean culture.

    The show kicked off with a bang with a wonderful opening act by the San Pedro Cadets, who were then joined by Barbara’s Dance Group, the Miss San Pedro contestants, and Miss San Pedro Lety Lara. Their sensuous moves and graceful dancing to the music of “The Tenth Day of September” proved that people were in for a great show.

    Masters of Ceremonies for the grand event were The San Pedro Sun’s Kainie Manuel and Reef Radio’s Eiden Salazar. They opened the night by welcoming everyone to a very patriotic night, a night of culture, a night were the September Celebrations theme would be celebrated: A nation alive, a people with pride, Belize at 25!!!

    The six beauties were introduced to the large crowd, Candy Bradley (Ramon’s Village Resort), Katrina Bradley (Victoria House), Jamera Craft (Fido’s Courtyard), Liliana Nuñez (Alliance Bank) Amalia Cal (Castillo’s Hardware) and Amber Ayala (Jaguar’s Temple) all graced the stage and introduced themselves to the crowd while showcasing their casual wear.

    The gathering was delighted throughout the night by performances by Barbara’s Dance Group, the San Pedro Dance Company and the Sandungeros Reloaded.

    A brief dance to the music of La Isla Bonita was done by the contestants prior to the swimsuit competition. Dressed in red swimsuits and wearing a white wrap with red, white and blue trim on the bottom, the girls were ready for the hot category. Cheers and whistles could be heard as the lovely ladies walked the stage in their red-hot swim wear.

    Prior to the evening gown competition, Nathalie Arceo sang a special rendition by Celia Cruz entitled Mi Tierra. Following her was Young Soldier with a song of his own and then the two talented singers, who, when together multiply their light, exuberance and energy, sang a duet. Together they lit the stage with a rendition of Thalia and Aventura’s “No No No”.

    Signaling the beginning of the evening gown competition was the entrance of Miss San Pedro Letty Lara who, in true patriotic fashion, walked down the stage with Princess Alina Palma to the beats of Queen of the Bay. She rightfully took her seat on the throne and each contestant attired in spectacular gowns of their own choosing, gracefully bowed to the queen before facing an expectant crowd. The six gorgeous island beauties were stunning as they walked down the stage poised and elegant.

    Emcees Kainie and Eiden then chit-chatted with each of the girls prior to the question and answer session. Each charming contestant was given the opportunity to pick one out of the six cards containing the questions that beautiful princess Alina had in a glass bowl. Each girl was given her question to which they all answered enthusiastically and with much conviction.

    After a very emotional farewell by Miss San Pedro 2005-2006 Letty Lara, Young Soldier once again came on stage to serenade the girls, while the judges and tabulators tallied the votes. Then came the most anticipated moment of the night; the time to announce who would be “La Isla Bonita’s” beauty ambassador. Before the announcement however, other prizes were given to Miss Photogenic who was, to everyone’s delight, the gorgeous Jamera Craft. Miss Amity, chosen amongst the contestants, was lovely Candy Bradley. Both girls received a bouquet of flowers along with a special gift from Graniel’s Dreamland. As is customary, the first runner was announced as Miss Fido’s Courtyard, the graceful and charming Jamera Craft. Then, after several nail-biting moments, wherein the emcees delayed their announcements as much as possible and increased the crowd’s anticipation, the new Miss San Pedro 2006-2007 was announced. Kainie and Eiden both screamed, “Liliana Nuñez!” and the crowd was on its feet, celebrating and shouting in joy; a new queen had been chosen.

    The difficult task of choosing one of the lovely ladies as San Pedro’s newest beauty ambassador went to the five judges: Maria Luz Azueta, Pablo Marin, Lilian Villanueva, Phillip Megal, and Terri Cullifer.

    Prizes for the new Miss San Pedro included: $2,500 cash courtesy of the San Pedro Town Council, a DVD player from Dalia’s Store, a CD player from Harmouch Center, a Motorola Cell Phone courtesy of C’s Phones, $200 certificate from Body Wear, gold watch from Sagittarius, a gold ring from Mel Spain, $250 savings account from The Belize Bank, one tile frame with photograph from Gecko Graphics, one black coral necklace, bracelet and earring set from D & G’s Gift Shop, $150 savings account from Atlantic Bank, 24 hour golf cart rental from Captain G’s, a personalized coconut painting from Coral Beach Realty, and fashion jewelry from Amber’s Jewelry.

    First runner up took home: $500 cash courtesy of Jerry McDermott, a cellular phone courtesy of Milo’s Center, $150 gift certificate from Casa Picasso, $100 savings from Atlantic Bank, breakfast for two at Estel’s Dine by the Sea, fashion jewelry from Amber’s Jewelry, 24 hour golf cart rental from Moncho’s.

    All other contestants received a consolation prize package including cash, dinners, and gifts.

    Congratulations to all the contestants; you all did an extraordinary job. Congratulations to Jamera Craft and Miss San Pedro 2006-2007 Liliana Nuñez!!!
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