San Pedro celebrates Belize’s 25th Independence!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 38            September 21, 2006

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A spectacular fireworks display over the water had the crowd oohing and aahing on Tuesday the 19th.

San Pedro's very own DNA performed under the Belikin tent at the Belikin Bash, much to the delight of the crowd!

Groovin' babies! Children of all ages got into the groove!

It's a dance off! Nestor of DNA judges one of the dance competition contestants.

Blue Wave Sounds was on hand to lend some Soca vibes to the crowd.

The Bowen family joined the festivities at the Belikin Bash, where the beer flowed at half price in honor of Independence Day!

The September celebrations and festivities are in full gear and during the month several events were planned. Last week, the San Pedro Town Council held several activities for the youths to compete in different contests among the different schools.

    First, the Spelling Bee proved successful for Ismael Kay as he triumphed as the best speller on the island. Along with second and third places the students received great prizes for their hard work and dedication. On Thursday, a Social Studies contest was held and students representing their respective schools competed to test who knew more about the country’s history and Independence. At the end of several rounds, Chris Nuñez came out victorious, being well versed and most knowledgeable of all the contenders. On Friday, the children’s talent show was held. In this exercise, the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, St. Peter’s Elementary, Isla Bonita Elementary and Ambergris Caye Elementary schools showcased many items and their talents in commemoration of the nation’s Independence. There were dances, drama skits, poems and many creative shows that brought out the proud Belizean mentality in our youths. With the theme; “A Nation alive, a people with pride, Belize at 25” the school children shone on stage at the Central Park as they represented their schools. Next on the agenda was a special presentation from the San Pedro Dance Company. As usual, the girls put on quite a show for the crowd and delighted them with several musical acts all throughout the night. Slow and fast paced choreographed moves were the highlights of the evening.

    As we got closer to the nation’s independence day, Barry Bowen hosted a Belikin Beach Bash at the Central Park where merrymakers got to sip ice cold Belikins for half the price and eat great food available from vendors at the bash. The crowd grew as the night passed and contests were held as entertainment. The beer drinking contest was one of the highlights of the evening as the islands bravest beer drinkers faced off to see who could consume the most the fastest. Entertainment for the nights included performances by Electro Sounds, Zro Dcplyn, Super Mario and DNA. All these festivities lead up to the block party that will take place on Barrier Reef on the Eve of and Independence Day (more on this and other great events in next week’s issue of The San Pedro Sun). Following the block party is a jump up parade on the main streets of San Pedro. It’s a time to show your patriotism and mingle with proud Belizeans as we turn another page in our history books.

    Happy Independence Day to all from The San Pedro Sun!
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