San Pedro Splashes for Trash!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 38            September 21, 2006

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Over 600 pounds of garbage was collected on Saturday’s sucessful “Splash for Trash”!

Tires, bottle caps, bottles & clothing were among the many items collected in the “Splash for Trash” cleanup campaign.

Last Saturday, September 16th was International Cleanup Day and San Pedro volunteers, in collaboration with their favorite dive shops collected 67 bags, more than 600 pounds, of debris from under and around our towns docks. Project AWARE Foundation organizes the underwater portion of International Clean-up Day in cooperation with dive professionals in more than 100 countries around the world. This global cleanup event, involving divers and shoreline participants of all ages, is the largest single-day event of its kind. The thousands of individual divers that volunteer as part of these events are a vital part of the effort to remove aquatic debris and help solve debris issues.

    San Pedro’s Organizer for the Project AWARE Foundation, Elbert Greer said, “In the early stages of planning this event, Changa Paz of Amigos del Mar pointed out that debris at the dive sites were not the problem here, but rather the areas around the docks were what needed attention. So we re-focused our efforts for this event to the docks and shoreline, which also allowed the participation of snorkelers, and non-divers. This was San Pedro’s first year participating in this event, and I think we had a great turnout.” Ambergris Divers, Bottom Time, Searious Adventures, Pro Tech, Ecologic Divers, Chuck and Robbie’s, Seaduced, and Ramon’s Village Dive Shop, received a certificate of participation for their contribution to the Project AWARE International Cleanup Day Event. A special recognition goes to the 12 San Pedro High School students participating with Ramon’s dive shop who collected the most bags of all the groups involved.

    The divers that volunteered as part of these events are a vital part of the effort to remove aquatic debris and help solve debris issues. However, collecting and disposing of the debris isn’t the complete task. Surveying debris, collecting data and analyzing the compiled data collected on this day make it possible to identify the general sources and activities causing the debris.
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