The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 44            November 9, 2006

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Jorge works at the San Pedro Tourist Information Booth, and states that it is the best, “no pressure” job he has had!

Many of the people who live in San Pedro are originally from other parts of Belize and even other parts of the world. They have chosen to make San Pedro their home and are now an integral part of our community. Jorge Santos is one of those people.

    Jorge was born in Belize City on January 16th, 1968 to Francisco and Eve Santos. He grew up alongside a family of three brothers and three sisters playing in the traffic-free streets. All the neighborhood kids would get together and enjoy a round of soccer, races and cycling around the city.

    Jorge attended St. Joseph’s Elementary graduating in 1981. He was then enrolled at St. John’s High School, an all boys’ school where he pursued the business field, studying accounting and business administration. After successfully completing his studies there in 1985, he moved on to sixth form studies at the same prestigious institution, St. John’s College Junior College. At Junior College, Jorge studied Liberal Arts, such as psychology, physiology, theology and sociology. Jorge graduated from Junior College in 1989.

    Shortly after graduating, Jorge accepted a position at Maya Airways. He first started as a dispatcher for the company and was later promoted to operations where he was responsible for coordinating the flights and passengers. Jorge remained in that position for the next three years, after which he moved to the following airline company, Island Air.

    At Island Air, Jorge had the same responsibilities he held previously at Maya Airways – dispatcher and later on to operations. While working at Maya, Jorge met the woman who later became his wife, Rosa Perez. The couple was married on April 17th, 1993 and have four children – Roxette (13), Kelsie (11), Brandon (10), and Jordan (8).

    On December 1st, 1997, both Maya Airways and Island Air merged and became Maya Island Air. Jorge was transferred to the Phillip Goldson International Airport where he worked as assistant manager. As assistant, Jorge was responsible for supervising agents and the overall day-to-day running of the office.

    After three years, Jorge needed a change and went to work at the Ramada Hotel (now known as the Princess Hotel) as an accountant. “It was certainly a difference. The change was big. Rather than being the front runner I was now behind the scenes. Instead of meeting different people on a daily basis, I worked alone with numbers. It was a welcome change, one that I really loved,” he commented.

    The couple decided to uproot their family and moved to San Pedro Town, his wife’s hometown. In San Pedro, Jorge went to work for Tropic Air. As manager of the cargo department, he was responsible for the day-to-day running of the office. It was a position he held for the following three years. During that time, he was an active part of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School’s Parent-Teacher Association. He became chairperson and lobbied for many changes at the school, one of which was the opening of a branch of the Governor General’s Music Program; one which still operates to this day.

    Jorge heard that the San Pedro Town Council was looking for someone to work at the newest San Pedro Tourist Information Booth. It sounded like something he thought he would enjoy very much and therefore applied for the position. It is a position that he has held for the past two years and one which he absolutely loves. “There are no pressures associated with this job. I can honestly say that it is the best job I have had!” he exclaims.

    In his free time, Jorge enjoys an active lifestyle, he enjoys beachcombing, basketball, swimming, and football. “I really love my life here in San Pedro. My kids, and wife absolutely love it too,” he commented. Like so many others who call San Pedro home, Jorge and his family are happy to be a part of “Our Community.”
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