Architecture students propose plans for San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 3            January 18, 2007

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The proposed plan layout for the old football field, and back street area in general.

From the mountains and snow of Bozeman, Montana, twelve architecture students from Montana State University were welcomed to San Pedro by Ambergris Caye’s sand and palms. The students are here as part of a foreign studies trip in which they are learning more about the community and people of San Pedro while designing solutions to fit their needs.

    One of the projects they are working on within the community includes urban development around the soccer fields. The proposal involves bringing Angel Coral Street through the soccer fields as a permanent street, while maintaining the size of the fields by extending into the lagoon using plastic structural fill. The existing dock space would be reorganized in phases to accommodate the needs of the fisherman and dock users and avoid issues of displacement. The creation of space for vendors and artisans is also included in the proposal as well as shaded seating for events.

    In addition to the urban development around the soccer fields, they are also working on improvements at the Boca del Rio Park. After a great deal of community involvement and professional guidance, they have developed a three phase plan creating an economically self-sustainable, community-oriented space. Some of the improvements they proposed include the reinforcement of the existing canal wall, the construction of new play equipment, shaded seating, and a three story viewing tower.

    Some individual studies they have been working on include the previously mentioned plastic structural fill in which garbage fill would be replaced by bailed plastic. A cleaner, more efficient garbage collection system is being designed to collect trash in three permanent and prominent locations. In an effort to increase the public library’s resources, we are also proposing locations for the donation of books and unused Belize currency from tourists leaving San Pedro.

    Thus far, the group has enjoyed getting to know the community of San Pedro, and taking a break from 20 degrees below zero weather. Special thanks to the students for taking such a great interest in our little tropical paradise; Jobe Bernier, Dawn Carlton, Nash Emrick, Brady Ernst, Lane Ferris, Chari Fochs, Ali Havig, Evan Jacobson, Eric Lundeen, Sam Nelson, Casey O’Harren, Trace Purcell along with Professor and Coordinator Clark Llewellyn. The students look forward to presenting their ideas to the community and town council on Friday, January 19th at 3:00 p.m at the Town Hall. The public is urged to attend this meeting as it is geared for the betterment of our beloved “Isla Bonita”.
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