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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 3            January 18, 2007

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Rosi has found her home in San Pedro and has fallen in love with her food service business.

While heading to work or dropping the kids off at school, one thing is for sure, Celi’s Deli is one of the places to visit for a quick “Eat and Run.” And one of the familiar and friendly faces we see daily is none other that this week’s feature – Roselita “Rosi” Lanze.

    Rosi was born in the northern district of Corozal on September 18th, 1972. The daughter of Glorian and Jesus Lanze, she enjoyed her childhood in the village of Santa Rita alongside her two sisters and one brother. Growing up she recalls that she treasured spending time with her grandmother and helping her with her daily chores.

    Rosi attended Libertad Roman Catholic School but she was interested in learning the arts of cooking and sewing. Rosi chose to leave school and got a job as a housekeeper, a job that she kept for a year.

    Rosi’s aunt Clementina had decided to move to San Pedro to try her luck. Jobs in Libertad were scarce and the two young women made the fateful move. “I admit that at first I was scared. To move away from home for the first time is not easy and to move to a different part of the country is even worse,” Rosi commented. She was lucky enough to find a job almost immediately. She began working at Celi’s Restaurant as a dishwasher. After a while she was promoted to waitress. Rosi enjoyed this position even more. “I loved the interaction with people on a daily basis. I liked finding out where they are from and what they enjoyed the most of their vacation. It was great,” she stated.

    When Celi’s opened the deli, Rosi moved to work there. It allowed her a little bit more freedom and the daily interaction she enjoyed so much. Today, after 15 years Rosi enjoys her job just as much as she did the first day. As supervisor of the deli, she handles the day to day running of the deli and provides locals and tourists alike with delicious snacks, meals, and pastries daily.

    For the past 11 years, Rosi has shared her life with her common law husband. In her free time, Rosi enjoys watching television and states that her favorite channel is Lifetime and loves watching The Nanny, and listening to romantic tunes. In the future, she envisions opening her own business and learning the art of cake decorating. “I have always liked pastries and decorating cakes is something that I really want to learn,” she said.

    Rosi has found her home in San Pedro and has fallen in love with her food service business. “I want to thank everyone for the opportunity that they have given me in letting me be a part of the community. Where I come from there is no work. I want to thank Miss Celi and Kim Reyes for everything,” she ended. Always friendly, loyal and smiling, Roselita “Rosi” Lanze has shared laughter and delicious meals in “Our Community.”

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