“Hoo’s” Your Daddy? “Catch of the Day” is!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 4            January 25, 2007

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The catch is laid out for all to view.

The “Catch of the Day” crew; Ivan Staines Sr., Charlie Reid, Ivan Staines Jr. (also Junior Angler winner) and Tony “Gutsy” Gonzalez (not pictured is crew member Dr. Ted)

The “Get Some” crew placed second, and posed for our cameras with their catch.

Alvaro Guerrero and officials have the fun task of measuring and weighing the Wahoo haul.

After a long and exhausting Saturday at sea, anglers that participated in the first Wahoo Fishing challenge brought in their catch for weighing by the cut-off time of 6:00p.m. After the official stats were tallied, the top boat was announced and ironically as its name implies, “Catch of the Day” brought in the biggest Wahoo and the most poundage in the competition. The Sun was on hand to catch all the madness, here is how it went down.

    18 boats lined the starting line at the Eden Park dock and awaited a signal for the fishing to begin. Anglers and fishing enthusiasts were determined to take the tournament by storm with their catch. While fishermen were out at sea, spectators were at Eden Park Villas in Essene Way enjoying the beach, drinks and delicious snacks. DJ Debbie was on the ones and two’s and kept the good tunes flowing.

    It was the intention of Alvaro Guerrero, whose brain child the event was, to provide anglers with the very best in genuine blue water sport fishing, targeting the most popular and desirable game fish species that the world’s oceans have to offer. After a long wait for the boats to come in, the deadline for weigh in neared. Slowly but surely, however, the boats all came in and the weigh-in process began. It was a rainy, dreary afternoon, but by the time the first boat came in, the skies started the clear. Hundreds of people were present to watch the fishermen bring in their catch; they all marveled at the fish’s vibrant, iridescent, blue bands. These colors are naturally engineered for a purpose as the Wahoo rely on their distinctive pattern to hide in the shimmering depths. Wahoo’s are among the best eating fish in the ocean, commanding a culinary respect that far exceeds that of their close cousin, the kingfish. After an “all you can eat” buffet provided by the hard-working staff at Caliente Norte and Rompe Raja’s signal to commence, the awards ceremony took place.

    The third place boat was announced and given to “Excalibur”, which was captained by Areli Marin. The third place winning fish weighed a total of 37.5 pounds. Second place boat was “Get Some” captained by Adrian Heusner. “Get Some” won with the two biggest Wahoo’s that totaled 79.5 pounds. Team “Get Some” brought in a total of 12 Wahoo’s which had a total weight of 384.5 pounds. The announcement for first place boat was given to none other than “Catch of the Day”, captained by Ivan Staines Sr. The first place boat has two winning fish totalling 90 pounds. The total fish weighed were 15 Wahoo’s, which tallied to a whopping total of 514.5 pounds. The Calcutta Prize was also won by “Catch of the Day”, and the Junior Angler award was given to 15 year old Ivan Staines Jr. of team “Catch of the Day”.

    These fishing adventures offer anglers a golden opportunity to experience fishing at its very best. The proceeds made from this event will cover the expenses of the tournament as well as go towards funding a San Pedro FAD project. A FAD (fish aggregating device) is an anchored buoy or platform in the open ocean that is used to attract and hold pelagic fish like marlins, Wahoo, Dorado, tuna, sharks and other fish species. That’s a pretty cool project guys!!!

    This Wahoo challenge proved an extremely rewarding experience for dedicated big game fishing enthusiasts as well as novice anglers wishing to further their knowledge of the ultimate blue water fishing challenge. On behalf of the organizers, special thanks go to all the sponsors and everyone who made this event an incredible success.

    Congratulations to all anglers in this year’s Wahoo fishing challenge.

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