Parents informed of Lions Quest

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 6            February 8, 2007

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The San Pedro Roman Catholic School has embarked in teaching a new subject this year, one that has been taught worldwide and of recent been incorporated in Belize’s school system. In an effort to make this program a raving success, teachers invited parents to a seminar on January 31st, 2007 held at the San Pedro Lions Club.

    The Lions Quest Program is a program spearheaded by Lions Club International. The Lion’s Quest program is designed to assist young people in searching for and reviving the various skills, which are vital to their very survival. Through its various steps, individuals will master key concepts and develop a positive attitude embodied in the service of community principle. They will begin to value themselves and others thereby making only those decisions that would enhance their goals. The Lion’s Quest believes that an individual who values himself has no need for drugs and alcohol, for he/she does not feel the need to engage in self-destructive behaviors because he recognizes the value of life. With help and support from all involved, these are the goals that the Lion’s Club is aiming for, and these are the end products that they believe will enhance Belize as a nation.

    “To truly make this program successful, parents need to know what we are teaching their kids and how to understand the program themselves. Unfortunately, attendance was not at its best. The program has been incorporated in the Standard IV classroom and we have 176 students, out of which only 40 parents attended the meeting,” commented Principal Roxani Kay. In an interview with Teacher Michelle Palma, The San Pedro Sun discovered that the program is already “flickering a light” in the young students. “It takes a lot more to change the behavior of the students. We are willing to teach it because the program that we are incorporating is for young adolescents. They need to know what changes are going through their body and we are not just discussing the physical but also the intellectual and the emotional. Only from knowing what to expect, how to tell the differences and knowing how to cope with them, can we make a change,” she commented.

    Lions Quest programs are school-based, comprehensive, positive youth development and prevention programs that unite the home, school and community, to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character, through life skills, character education, civic values, drug prevention, and service-learning education.

    Skills for Adolescence, one of the Lions Quest programs, the one being used at San Pedro Roman Catholic School, helps students gain positive attitudes and important life skills through easy-to-use classroom materials, solid teacher in-service experiences, and important community links. Workshops are conducted by Lions Quest certified-trained teachers, who represent the highest standards of professionalism in training and education, and in their commitment to youth. Lions Quest addresses the fundamental issues facing schools today, by helping young people develop strong character; healthy, positive relationships with parents and peers; and productive problem-solving skills.
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