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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 6            February 8, 2007

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David and Virgen Medina have created a construction empire that has much impact and positive changes to our town.

Ambergris Caye, once a small fishing village, has now become the boom of tourism, the heartbeat of Belize and internationally recognized in world travel. To become a number one tourist destination sustainable and proper development needs to occur. One such individual who has made proper development and has made a name for himself in Ambergris Caye is David Medina Sr. of Medina’s Construction Limited. The San Pedro Sun is pleased and honored to share his life story with you.

    David Manuel Medina Sr. grew up in Orange Walk Town until the age of 15. Born on December 29th, 1955 to parents Agueda and Manuel Medina, he was second to the youngest child in a family of four boys and two girls.

    David attended La Immaculada Elementary School where he excelled graduating in June of 1968. Due to financial restraints, David was unable to continue his education and immediately integrated himself in Belize’s workforce. He received a job as a sales clerk in one of the local stores in Orange Walk. However, looking for new work venues and the opportunity to shine, at the age of 15, David moved away from home.

    Arriving in what was called New Sight, presently what is known as Belmopan, David got a job at what was most available – construction work. He would work from dawn to dusk, mixing cement and assisting in building new homes. David remained in Belmopan for the following six months before moving to Belize City. “I was always looking for greener pastures, always looking to better myself,” commented David.

    Having found his niche, David began working in construction work in Belize City. He began learning how to work the plastering along with the brick-laying and soon enough he had become the mason’s assistant. For the next two years, he stayed in the City learning the comings and goings of the business, learning everything he needed to learn from hands on experience.

    Once again, David could not resist the urge to move on to “greener pastures,” or rather “sandier shores.” This time he made the move to “La Isla Bonita” in 1974. Staying for the following two years, he learned more than he could imagine. It was here in San Pedro that David built his first home. “After learning so much, I was given the opportunity to now be the one at the forefront. I oversaw the construction to my first house here in San Pedro,” he proudly exclaimed.

    Feeling nostalgic for home, David moved back to Orange Walk Town, did remedial works and got his first building job in Trinidad Village. While walking down the street, David met the young lady who would become his life partner, wife and love of his life, Virgen Carlos. The couple exchanged vows and began their new life together on October 22nd, 1977. They are the proud parents of David Jr. (29), Ivar (27), Luanni (25), and Eder (21).

    At the age of 29, David returned to San Pedro to work. While on the island he got more and more contracting jobs. Among the many other “gigs” David built the first floors of Atlantic Bank, Spindrift Hotel, worked for Mr. Johnny Grief Sr., John Richards, and Mr. David Borroughs. It was Mr. Borroughs’ home that he was constructing when he met Barry Bowen. “He would come to the site, say nothing and walk around. It was on one of these walks that he asked me if I built timber. To which I answered, ‘yes’,” he stated.

    David later traveled to Gallon Jug to work for Mr. Bowen building timber houses for him. He did such a wonderful job and Mr. Bowen was so pleased that he hired David to build Distribution Centers and Warehouses countrywide, including those in San Pedro. Still being contracted for Mr. Bowen, David was again called back to San Pedro to cobblestone the area between Bowen’s Distribution Center and the Island Supermarket.

    In 1999, seeing his business expanded, David and his wife, who is the office manager, made the corporate decision to open an office at Ladyville. “It is easier to coordinate between construction sites if we have a more centralized location, hence our choice to open an office there,” explained Mrs. Medina.

    Seeing the expertise that Medina’s Construction Limited had; past Mayor Alberto Nuñez then called on him to cobblestone the area between Tropic Air and Ramon’s Village. This was the start of Medina’s relationship with the San Pedro Town Council. To date he did the rehabilitation project of Pescador Drive, construction of the Boca del Rio Bridge, and is presently working on the rehabilitation projects of Barrier Reef Drive and the Southern Road.

    What started as a project with five men is now one of Belize’s biggest construction companies, with over 200 employees. David now has contracts scattered countrywide including San Pedro, Belize City, Placencia and others. “It is a matter of having the best employees working for you, and I do. My employees are the greatest and because of them and because of the huge support my family has given me, is why I am where I am,” he commented.

    By attending various World of Concrete Seminars and Workshops held in various cities in the United States of America, David has incorporated yet another aspect to his business. “These workshops bring the latest concrete works and tools to light and it is stuff not yet seen in the country. I highly recommend that contractors do attend these, they will find out that much can be learned.” Many of the items that David sees in these conferences are what he provides for his customers, the new, innovative concrete works and tools.

    In their free time, the loving couple enjoys family outings to their getaway home in Progresso Village. However, they also enjoy quiet times at home. “I am the office manager for the company, and when we get home we are at home. Work stays at work. I think that that is the key to our success both in our jobs and at our home. At home we relax, read a good book or watch television. We are at home,” stated Virgen.

    A wonderful family man, David does not hesitate to say that his biggest accomplishment is keeping his family together, “My kids are all in the construction business and we all work together as a family.” A great business man, David has taken what he has learned and with much hard work and dedication, incorporated himself and helped develop “Our Community.”

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