Children against crime week concludes with a parade

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 8            February 22, 2007

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Holding up posters stating quotes such as “Women, children, help us stop domestic violence”, “You can break my heart, you can destroy my dignity, but don’t mess with my family,” and “A lot of love, a lot of hugs, but keep me away from drugs,” children of the upper classes of the island schools joined forces to show solidarity in the fight against crime. Culminating Children against Crime week, schools of La Isla Bonita met at Central Park where the organized parade began and made its way through the streets of San Pedro.

    Children against Crime is held annually within the country of Belize, however it is the first year that such an important event took place in San Pedro. In an interview with Education Officer Alex Nuñez, The San Pedro Sun found out that throughout the week, various schools held different workshops with the students in related topics. “St. Peter’s held a dialogue between students, parents and other school principals regarding their thoughts on crime and domestic violence; on what the characterized violence, symptoms of it and what can be done to eliminate that from our families, community and country.”

    Other schools held mock radio interviews between each other. Students acted as disc jockeys interviewing each other as to the different types of violence, drug use, child abuse and molestation. Another key and very important topic discussed through the week was that of a child’s rights. “Children learned of their rights on whether their rights are being met or whether they are getting violated,” commented Nuñez, “Aside from discussing the various types of violence, we also discussed drugs, as well. We had to discuss drugs because most of the time they [drugs] are the catalysts that lead to other forms of abuse,” Nuñez explained.

    Children against Crime week ended with the parade with students in their uniforms. Participating schools included the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, St. Peter’s Elementary, New Horizon’s Seventh Day Adventist and Isla Bonita Elementary.
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