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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 10            March 8, 2007

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Did you think libraries were boring places where a strict librarian constantly tells you to “SSHHHHH”? Well not San Pedro Town Library. On Saturday the 3rd of March, the library, with the help of Reef Radio, rocked this little island. The day kicked off with the side splittingly funny conversations between two Kriol Gials, Myrna Manzanares and Joan Burrell. These ladies proved to be delightful hosts for the day demonstrating their own passion for learning, reading and everything to do with the public library. Their enthusiasm was infectious and everyone was charmed by their Creole observations and wit. They made sure that the day was a truly cultural and educational experience for everyone involved.

    Throughout the day, children and volunteers made sure that everyone was having a great time. Beautiful new San Pedro Town Library T-shirts were launched and people were lining up to buy them. Kids had been up all night baking to ensure that there was a steady supply of cupcakes. Of course they also stayed around all day to make sure those cupcakes were eaten. With a BBQ, drinks and books to read – the library’s beachside location proved a favorite place for families to hang out and enjoy listening to the radiothon, which was being broadcast live.

    Throughout the day, judges were carefully examining children’s poetry and short story entries and the winners will be announced next week.

    The star guest was Jaime Awe, the renowned and respected Belizean archaeologist. His lecture was enthralling. While Jaime talked, the whole area went quiet. Even the kids listened to him eagerly as Mr. Awe can bring the subject of archaeology to life with his light hearted style. To round off the afternoon on the right note, Dennis Wolfe and The Usual Suspects brought down the house with some great beach songs and good ol’ rock and roll.

    Pledges came in throughout the day proving that the business community truly knows the value of the library in their town. The children that benefit from the library are going to be the business leaders of the future and this radiothon is allowing the San Pedro Town Library to invest in that future. Library volunteers are continuing to take pledges but as of today $10,000 has been raised. This money is going to help provide a better reference library and help to provide space to house those books.

    There is still time to help. Call the library today at 206 2028 to pledge your support or just pop down and see what is going on. Membership is only $3.00. San Pedro needs its library and the library needs you.

    (Submitted by Colette Kase)
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