Child Stimulation Month continues...

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 11            March 15, 2007

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As part of Child Stimulation Month, pre-schools around the country are holding various activities in conjunction with the community. In San Pedro, the ABC Pre-School enjoyed a day of “dress up.” Students arrived at school attired in various ethnic costumes such as Mennonites, Japanese, Mayas, Mestizos and Indians. Throughout the week, they were taught the important role each ethnicity plays in the community. Of importance was the fact that they were taught that the country is made up of many cultures working together.

    On Friday, ABC Pre-School, Little Angels Pre-School and San Pedro Pre-School all got together for a fun day under the sun. All three schools took part in various games and activities that students, teachers and parents enjoyed immensely. Kids hopping in sacks, relay racing and football were seen throughout the Old Football Field.

    However, Child Stimulation Month covers so much more. Students of ABC enjoyed the company of Mrs. Marthita Leslie who was one of the special guests. She taught students about manners, civic pride and courtesy. Present also was Manuel Ancona who explained the importance of nutrition to the students and later shared delicious, juicy grapes with them.

    On Wednesday, Little Angels had a wonderful day treating grandparents to a lovely time with the smallest members of their family. Together, grandparent and grandchild colored and had fun making various arts and crafts.

    Child Stimulation Month first began in March of 1984. Activities are planned and organized especially for preschoolers in collaboration with teachers and parents countrywide. These functions are aimed at heightening the awareness among teachers, parents and adults working with children and the wider community about the importance of Early Childhood Education and Development. Child Stimulation Month 2007 is being celebrated under the theme: “Early Childhood Education – A Must for Young Children.”
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