Wrestling Mania hits San Pedro!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 19            May 10, 2007

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With some real physicality and entertaining moves, the wrestlers managed to wow the crowd throughout the night. This submission move had the crowd particularly entertained.

The audience cheered for their favorites during the tag team match. 19-17n - ...the audience was kept entertained with wrestlers' non-stop action both in and out of the ring.

For some youngsters, the highlight of their night was getting their pictures taken with their favorite wrestler.

Wrestling aficionados were quite thrilled to flock to the five-a-side Sports Complex to watch some live wrestling matches. Ten Mexican Luchadores from the Federaciòn de la Lucha Libre de Mexico were on hand for the glorious spectacle, where the wrestlers fought their hearts out much to the delight of the fans gathered at the complex.

    Sombra Azul Jr., Gato Nocturno, Neurosis, Tigre Pardo, Guerrero Galactico, Caballero Galactico, Halconcito Dorado, Mini Muerte, Sepultador, and Dragon Chino were on hand to lend some excitement to the crowd. The series of fights were punctuated by some great entertainment from the new Take the Lead Crew. During breaks, excited children also took pictures with their favorite wrestler.

    The San Pedro Sun caught up with one of the organizers, Gabriel Arana, who commented that the event was a fundraiser for the local semi-pro football team, Costa Del Sol Nairi’s. The eight-member committee joined forces with Jose Luis Narvaez, also known as “Sombra”, for what proved to be a rather exciting show. “Next time will be even bigger and better,” said Mr. Arana. “We look forward to having more people come to view the event and have a good time.”

    These shows are expected to become a regular event, with various wrestling stars to be in attendance in any given event. Fans of these events should be on the lookout for their very own RAW or Smackdown-style matches coming very soon!

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