Introducing: Drinkable Tap Water

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 23            June 14, 2007

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On Monday, June 11th, Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL) unveiled the dramatic signage on the tank next to its water desalination plant. Minister of Public Utilities, Honorable Ralph Fonseca, members of the San Pedro Town Board, directors of Consolidated Water Belize Limited Raymond Whittaker and Albert Musa, Director and CEO of Belize Consolidated Water Services Limited, Green Reef and many important members of the San Pedro community were invited to learn a little bit more about Consolidated Water Belize Limited and how it turns sea water into drinking water exceeding the World Health Organization Standards.

    “We produce possible drinking water which exceeds the World Health Organization’s drinking water standards and distribute all the water and salt to the Belize Water Services and we distribute the water in San Pedro,” commented Van Doren. “We want everybody to understand that the water that we produce is quite suitable for drinking. It’s very safe and that’s also the reason why the water is chlorinated so it remains safe. We have a very positive and strong relationship with our customers, Belize Water Services. Our process allows us very easily to exceed the minimum standards that the World Health Organization requires for potable drinking water. We get salt water from two wells here on the property and pasteurize it through very special filters, remove the salt out of the water, do a little bit of treatment on the water to remove sulfur which is naturally occurring and the water is desalinated for drinking water just add some chlorine and it goes to Belize Water Services as our one and only customer,” commented Wade Van Doren, General Manager of Consolidated Water Belize Limited.

    During the event, guests were given the opportunity to taste the water at different stages of the desalination process as well as being given a tour of the water plant. Van Doren stated the commitment of the Company to the residents and businesses of San Pedro by giving assurance that the Company will expand its production capacity as growth continues north. “Once the expansion of services provided by Belize Water Services extends to North Ambergris Caye, we will certainly be able to meet the necessary water usage that will be required.”

    Consolidated Water Belize Limited made it clear that it cares about our beautiful island, La Isla Bonita and is exploring links with environmental groups such as Green Reef, to ensure that its present operations as well as any future developments do everything possible to leave the smallest environmental footprint. Consolidated Water Belize Limited is already an environmentally aware company and has started encouraging the re-growth of mangrove on the lagoon, at the back of the water plant, providing a better habitat for local wildlife. It is actively investigating future projects involving environmental education. In an effort to be environmentally safe, Van Doren commented, “the supply that we produce which is the byproduct of this process is pumped back into the ground. We use a well that is 150 feet deep and the water is sent down that 150 foot deep well and put back into the ground. Please, keep in mind that this caye is a limestone caye that’s highly fractured and the sea water underneath moves back and forth as the tidal flows in terms of tidal changes and the water is extremely, quickly converted back to sea water quality. There is no discharge into the lagoon. It goes directly into the sea from this facility. Lime is nothing more than seawater that is double in salinity. It’s the same as the sea. It has about 54,000 lbs activity and we essentially double that conductivity and we pump that water right back straight into the ground and it is diluted instantly back to seawater quality.”

    For further Information contact Wade Van Doren, General Manager at (226) 3845 or e-mail at
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