Our Belize Community - San Pedro’s Sportscaster: Pamela Zetina

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 24            June 21, 2007

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Sports are an integral part of any community, whether big or small and they form an integral in the development of the youth in any community. To have sport programs incorporated in educational institutions is key, but to have sport programs within the community is highly significant. One person following up on community sporting events is Pamela Zetina and we are proud to feature her this week’s “Our Belize Community.”

    Pamela was born in Belize City on September 20th, 1970 to Carmela Gonzalez and Philip Rosado. Pamela was brought to La Isla Bonita where she was raised among a big family comprised of four brothers and four sisters.

    Pamela’s education began at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School where she successfully completed the studies required. Soon after, Pamela formed part of the San Pedro High School family. While attending SPHS, she discovered that she wanted to keep busy during summer vacations. At the age of 12, Pamela worked part-time at the San Pedro Co-operative cleaning and packing seafood such as lobster, conch and fish. The following summer vacation, Pamela worked at Elvi’s Kitchen, where she assisted the kitchen staff in washing dishes. After school activities included working as a part-time cashier at the Paradise Gift Shop. She not only received high school education but got first hand work experience as well.

    Graduating from SPHS, Pamela went to work at Toucan Gift Shop located on Barrier Reef Drive as a cashier. She remained there for a period of six months until she decided to move to Los Angeles, California in the USA.

    Life for Pamela changed drastically in Los Angeles. She began working at Sears, one of the nation’s biggest department store chains. She worked there for a year and six months until a better opportunity presented itself. For the following five years, Pamela worked at Century Parking as a cashier until she received a precious gift from God.

    Christopher Alexander Melgar was born and Pamela became a housewife. However, even with all her daily chores, she found time to study from home through Computer Learning Center where she learned the ropes around various programs such as DOS, Excel and Microsoft. She was not done; after receiving her Certificate of Completion, Pamela went on to continue her education at Los Angeles Trade Tech College. A certificate of Accounting was what she received after passing her classes with flying colors. While at L.A Tech, she studied at night and worked at ATA Boy, a company that manufactured magnets. There she was the invoice clerk for two months and was promoted to Accounts Receivables Manager.

    Pamela remained at ATA Boy for two years until she was offered a position at the accounts receivables department of the Computer Learning Center. She gladly, and with no hesitation accepted and remained at the school that taught her plenty for one full year.

    Getting home sick, Pamela knew that she had to return home and made plans for her move back to San Pedro Town. She wanted to give her children (Christopher [13], Joe [12] and Liandra [4]) a similar childhood as the one she had received. Upon her return she worked at the Belize Yacht Club in the accounting department for a year. She later went on to work at Victoria House and Travel and Tour for two years each.

    Pamela is currently working at Las Terrazas as an office assistant. However, she has found a new hobby, a new love that keeps her active in community goings-on. Pamela attends the sporting events organized by the San Pedro Town Council and other entities. “My hobby is to go and see all kind of sports and get information; just for me to have. I like to get involved in sports and learn more about it to help my kids. When I was younger I did not used to like to get involved in any kind of sports but I used to love to go and watch my friends play all the time,” she commented. This hobby has now expanded when Pamela teamed up with The Reef Radio and now works along Eiden Salazar and Luis Romero to produce “La Hora Deportiva” (the Sports hour) live on 92.3 FM every Monday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. “I enjoy watching sports and must of all sharing all the information to the beloved people of San Pedro.”

    Pamela loves the life she’s had in San Pedro and enjoys being able to share it all with her three growing children. “What keep me here are my kids. I like best is that we have the sea right next door, that the education is good and the freedom space that we all have to live here.

    Well, the only achievement I have in my life is my education which I have to give thanks to my parents, Mama Bina and Papa Amelio Kumul. They are my grandparents, but raised me as a daughter and with out them I would not be where I am today. They are the ones I owe everything to and I love them greatly,” she ends.

    Pamela received her education abroad and returned to her hometown to make a life for herself and her kids. She knows that this is where she wants to be. Pamela understands that getting involved in sports is essential in a community full of vibrant, active and young individuals. For her love of sports and for the passion she has to share them with the public, Pamela Zetina is the “Rosana Franco, La Comadre of La Republica Deportiva” of “Our Belize Community.”

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