230 people are proud landowners in SP

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 25            June 28, 2007

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Mr. Roque Salazar was the first to be called up to receive his land title.

Proud new landowners look over their papers declaring their new ownership.

"I am just doing my job. I am here with the CEO and the personnel of the Ministry of Lands because we consider San Pedro deserves this attention. San Pedro is a major revenue earner so with the progress and prosperity I know there has been a lot of construction and the opening of new business places that have attracted good Belizeans from the mainland who have come to settle here and I think it is only fair for them to get a piece of land to build a house,” that was the comment of Honorable Florencio Marin, Minister of Natural Resources during the handing over of land titles to residents of San Pedro Town.

    On Friday, July 22nd, over 100 people received their land titles for the newly created Colonia San Diego located on the western side of Journey’s End. These are part of 230 land deeds that were being handled by the San Pedro Lands Committee. In an interview with The San Pedro Sun Chairman Eiden Salazar commented that their previous title transfers done at Ambergris Bay Subdivision were a tremendous success that they wanted to repeat it. “People need land and we here at the San Pedro Lands Committee are willing to work as hard as possible to get them the property that they deserve,” stated Salazar.

    Applications were processed immediately, approvals were granted and those that did not get their titles on Friday should receive them in a week’s time. Chairman Salazar also commented that surveys are being carried out and that close to 230 more land titles will be given out in the coming weeks. People interested in acquiring a piece of property are asked to kindly fill out their applications for Phase II of Colonia San Diego.

    “San Pedro is the window to the world,” commented Honorable Marin. “One of the things that is on the manifesto for the Government of today is that we will provide 30,000 house lots countrywide. Today we are here continuing that work […] and I want you to know that this is my first visit to San Pedro since I was appointed Minister. This shows I have a soft spot for the island. Your efforts here generated revenues for the government. It does not come easy and I am proud of you.” Honorable Marin went on to present the first land lease approval to Vidal Roque Salazar who commented that he is very thankful of the gesture carried out by Honorable Marin and the San Pedro Lands Committee.

    People’s United Party Belize Rural South candidate Mel Spain stated that this is just the beginning and that in the near future many more lots will be made accessible to the general public. A total of 230 land leases were processed and once the surveyor has finished his work, Phase II will commence.

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