SP Police prosecute one of their own

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 27            July 12, 2007

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Dia de San Pedro festivities are days of religious festivities and fun. However, to a certain individual, Saturday, June 30th was spent behind bars. What’s more ironic is that the individual in question is a police officer himself.

    Roger Jaime, officer stationed in San Pedro Town, was off duty, wearing civilian clothing and allegedly under the influence of alcohol. For hours, he had passed along Nancy’s Store, located on Black Coral Street, allegedly looking for a man who lives in said building. “Around 10:30 p.m. he arrived at Nancy’s, parked his golf cart on the middle of the street, stopping traffic on both sides. He jumped off the cart and started asking for the person he had been looking for. He was told that this individual was not at home. He started to go up the stairs to the house when the daughter of the owner of the house told him that he was on private residence. She warned him not to go up,” stated Pamela Zetina, witness to the incident.

    Zetina alleges that Jaime got irritated and started spewing obscenities at the crowd. “The people in the crowd were not pleased and started screaming back at him. That is when he threatened everyone. He allegedly said that he was going to go back and get his gun to shoot everyone,” Zetina states. Zetina got on the phone and called the San Pedro Police Department. “I explained to the person on the other line what was going on. I heard them say, ‘Someone is complaining about Jaime.’ That is when Myles [Sergeant Dennis Myles] got on the phone. Meanwhile Jaime realized what I was doing and got on his golf cart and left. I continued explaining the situation to Myles,” Zetina continues.

    Shortly after receiving the complaint, Sergeant Myles arrived at the scene of the incident and did not find Jaime. Jaime was later found and apprehended. “I personally put him behind bars,” stated Sergeant Myles. Jaime spent the night in jail and was released the next morning. He later went to Nancy’s Store and apologized for his behavior.

    In an interview with Officer-in-Charge Humberto Patt, The San Pedro Sun found out that disciplinary measures are being taken against Jaime. “It is a very grave issue that will be handled by us at the department,” he explained.

    Sergeant Myles reiterated Assistant Superintendent Patt’s comment by stating, “We will no longer tolerate police wrong doing. We can’t afford to do that because we want to have a good relationship between the police and community. Only by working together will we be able to have a safe community.” Jaime will appear before a Disciplinary Tribunal with Sergeant Myles as the arresting officer. On July 20th, when the court is called to order, witness will be available to testify against Jaime and his alleged actions.

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