Angela Alamilla is Miss San Pedro 2007-2008

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 35            September 6, 2007

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San Pedro’s newest beauty ambassador is Angela “Angie” Alamilla.

The opening dance number had the colorful tradition of San Pedro’s Carnaval painting.

The evening gown competition depicted the glamour of the Masquerade Ball complete with glitzy face masks. Pictured is Angela Alamilla in her breathtaking gown and mask.

Representing Castillo’s Hardware, Gina Wallace was a favorite among the crowd.

New to the pageant and a big hit was the costume segment which portrayed the various comparsas. Pictured is Miss Jaguar’s Araceli Garay, who depicted the Indians.

Miss Southwind Properties, Yesica Cordon is showcasing the various ladies who arrive on the island to sell their wide range of fruits and vegetables to the islanders. She also took the prize of Miss Congeniality.

Throngs gathered at the Old Football Field awaiting the announcement of the new Miss San Pedro. Backstage. After the pageant, supporters cheered on Susie Rodriguez.

Through the costume, swimsuit and evening gown segments, one out of the five contestants’ twinkle shone brighter and she now reigns as San Pedro’s newest beauty ambassador; she is Angela Alamilla. Representing Fido’s Courtyard, Angela took the Miss San Pedro title, as well as the title of Miss Internet, as voted through an online competition.

    Saturday, September 1st, marked the official beginning of the September Celebrations. This year, organizers went all out to display Belize’s grand Carnival traditions, outdoing themselves, beginning with the island’s “painting” tradition which was colorfully depicted in the ladies’ opening dance attire. Dressed in white with a kaleidoscope of colored hand prints on their skirts, the girls, along with outgoing Miss San Pedro Liliana Nuñez welcomed the crowd.

    New to the pageant, the costume segment brought flair and tradition to the evening. First out on the stage was Miss Nuñez, who donned a flamboyant blue feathered ensemble and set the bar high. The five contestants then followed with equally glitzy costumes depicting the various groups portrayed during San Pedro’s Carnaval comparsas (dance groups). Yesica Cordon (Miss Southwind Properties) depicted the ladies selling their fruit and vegetables to the islanders, Gina Wallace (Miss Castillo’s Hardware) displayed the traditional Mexican beauties, Araceli Garay (Miss Jaguar’s) showcased the beauty of the Indians, while Susie Rodriguez (Miss Ramon’s Village) portrayed the bull fighters and Angela Alamilla (Miss Fido’s Courtyard) was a Geisha. New but well received by the audience, the costumes were a smashing success, as the crowd got a taste of what the night held in store.

    What was in store was the swimsuit competition, one of the highlights of the night that was as equally important as the evening gown competition. The evening gown competition displayed the beauty and glamour of the Masquerade Ball complete with glittering face masks. Between the segments, Master of Ceremonies Reef Radio’s Eiden Salazar introduced dance numbers from Barbara’s Dance Group, San Pedro Dance Company, Take the Lead and Miss San Pedro 2003 Tatiana Rivero; all delighted the crowd and made the transition between segments very entertaining.

    After a brief chitchat with each contestant, Master of Ceremonies Salazar held a quick question and answer session with the five beauties. While the votes were tallied up, Liliana Nuñez gave her goodbye to the island who she represented from 2006-2007. The moment of truth arrived and the crowd anxiously awaited the announcement of the grand winner but, before, Miss Congeniality, Yesica Cordon received her prize. First runner up was Miss Ramon’s Village Susie Rodriguez and the crowd went wild at the announcement of Miss San Pedro 2007-2008, Angela Alamilla. Judges for the night were Chris Emmanuel, Tammy Peterson, Lisa McCorkle, Deborah Wade King and Judge Earl Jones.

    With the pageant, the 2007 September Celebrations have been officially kicked off – “Strong, Independent and Free – Belize fi all ah we.”
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