Cleanup Campaign - Before & After

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 35            September 6, 2007

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The clean up crowd piled up over 200 bags of trash.

The first block, from Coldwell Building to the lagoon area received a facelift.

The group managed to clear up a large area, providing a welcome sight for those exploring the neighborhood.

A meeting was convened at the San Pedro Town Council between the Department of Environment, Town Council representatives, San Pedro Police Department officers, Traffic Department officers and invited guests. The purpose of the meeting was to get everyone familiarized with the correct procedures regarding the issuance of littering tickets in San Pedro Town. As mentioned in last week’s Illegal Dumping article, officials will be able to issue tickets to offenders. However, the penalties referred to in said article are the fines given on the mainland. Officials in San Pedro have agreed that littering tickets on the island should carry the fine of $500 per individual and $1,000 per company. Ticketing is slated to commence after the Clean Up Campaign which ends on November 3rd.

    Prior to the Clean Up Campaign, supporters have engaged in a “before and after” demonstration. Every week, a designated block will get cleaned up. This way, islanders, neighbors, and guests may see the visuals of having a clean community. This past weekend, September 1st, saw the initiation of the demonstration blocks with an entire block getting a much needed face lift. The block chosen extended from the Coldwell Building to the Tropic Air Cargo and back to the lagoon. 203 bags of garbage were picked up, filling two dump trucks full of trash.

    The “before and after” demonstrations blocks and clean ups will continue every weekend during the month of September. This coming Saturday, September 8th, anyone wanting to help may join the “clean up crowd” when they tackle all that area from “The Round-a-bout” to the San Pedro Bridge. The fun is slated to begin at 7:00 a.m., so bring your rakes, gloves, trash bags and energy to help. The Reef Village has offered to donate $50 for trash bags and Kathy from Beachin’ Kitchen has offered to donate the same.

    In an interview with organizer Tammy Peterson, The San Pedro Sun found out that everyone is getting in on the clean up bandwagon. This campaign has not only stayed in town but it has extended to North Ambergris Caye were residents are taking pride in their surroundings, making sure that they are clean and uncontaminated. The Reef Village, The Cloisters and Bermuda Landing are all getting not only their immediate areas clean, but the roads and beaches as well.

    For further information on Ambergris Caye’s Clean Up Campagn, kindly contact Tammy Peterson at or call 620-0009.
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