San Pedro Police officers receive awards

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 35            September 6, 2007

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WPC Kendra Thomas (August)

PC #900 Dwayne McCulloch (July)

PC #1163 Elroy Vernon (June)

In order to solve crime, police officers put a lot of effort into their job. Everyday police activities involve investigating burglaries, solving murders, making arrests and risking their own lives. Efforts are underway to make a more police friendly community by establishing an “Officer of the Month” program at the San Pedro Police Department. Last week, three police officers were given the honors of being known as Officers of the Month based on their impressive performance and records. The Sun was on hand to join the small contingency at a ceremony which was held at the San Pedro Police Department in their honor.

    The program according to Assistant Superintendent, Humberto Patt recognizes and honors police officers who distinguish themselves through exemplary service and devotion to duty. Honorable Manuel Heredia, along with Mayor Elsa Paz, was on hand to lend support as well as make the presentations to the respective deserving officers. Prosecutor Leslie Wade made the announcements. Police Constable # 1163 Elroy Vernon who hails from Belize City was selected for his excellence in making the most arrests for the month of June, thus receiving the award recognizing him as Officer of said month. Vernon has been stationed in San Pedro for almost three years and has shown much dedication and effort towards his daily routine. “He is always an officer we can depend upon. Never hesitates to do his job and does it exceptionally well,” commented Sergeant Dennis Myles.

    Officer of the Month honors for the month of July went to Police Constable #900 Dwayne McCulloch for his dependability, for his excellent working relations with the community which he serves and for exhibiting a willingness to work long hours without complaint. McCulloch who hails from the northern Corozal District has been stationed in San Pedro for quite some while, but carries six years of service to the Belize Police Department.

    For the month of August, honors went to Woman Police Constable Kendra Thomas for her excellence and leader role in the administrative aspect of the station. Thomas who hails from San Ignacio, Cayo is currently attached to the San Pedro Police detachment and has been serving the community of San Pedro in duty for two years. Thomas who possesses the apparent managerial skills also distinguishes herself through exemplary service that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

    The Officer of the Month is geared toward encouraging Officers to perform above and beyond the call of duty and to recognize those who do. The entire Police Department, the San Pedro Community joins the Commissioner in saluting these three exemplary individuals in their honor as Officers of the Month.
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