Pirate Party at the Pier Lounge!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 37            September 20, 2007

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JD wins a special prize for being the ghostliest pirate

Friends join top winner Samos (far right - photo courtesy of Laurie Norton)

Third and second place winners Lindsey and Adrian

Laurie and Paul join friends in having some great fun at the Pirate Party, 2007(photo courtesy of Laurie Norton).

Avast and ahoy maties! The Pier Lounge hosted their annual swashbuckling Pirate Party on Saturday night at the most exciting bar in town.

    In its ninth year, the Pier Lounge hosted an incredible night of partying, dancing, music and pillaging. This year, many who got into the groove showed up in costume, relishing the opportunity to let their inner pirate out for at least one night. Lovely ladies in their wench costumes roamed the floor, while naughty pirates drank their grogg and tried to figure out where the treasure was hidden or buried. The Pier was rockin’ all night to the tunes of DJ Raul who belted out the best in music selections. All night the pirates were looting, and pillaging through the bar to find tokens and coins but, it was all worthwhile as the loot contained great treasure. Of course, no pirate party is complete without the announcement of the costume contest winners: JD, Adrian Vasquez, Samos, Lindsey and more.

    “The turnout was great, the bar was packed and it was so much fun,” commented Jan, the owner of Pier Lounge. Be sure to check out Pier Lounge’s weekly agenda that includes bingo on Tuesday, the world famous chicken drop on Wednesday and Karaoke night on Saturday.

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