Burglars target Wet Willy’s

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 40            October 11, 2007

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Wet Willy’s, the place to be on Wednesday’s Ladies’ Night; a place to hang out and enjoy with friends. Comprised of a bar and grill, this establishment, located at the end of the dock of what used to be Hustler’s, was targeted on the early morning of Tuesday. As of press time, one of the culprits remain in police custody. On Tuesday, while they ate inside the kitchen, officers left their station headed to the bar where they found two of the culprits swimming away.

    Around 1:30 a.m. in the early morning of Tuesday, October 9th, based on information received from an on duty security guard, San Pedro police officers were notified of a burglary in progress at Wet Willy’s Bar & Cantina. Upon arrival, police discovered three male individuals still inside the bar making a desperate attempt to flee. Seeing as how Wet Willy’s is above the water and the cops were coming towards them, two of the culprits opted to jump in the dark Caribbean waters and swim to freedom. The third individual was not as lucky as his two companions and was apprehended by said officers.

    Initial investigations revealed that the perpetrators were traveling on a 23 foot, 60 horse powered engine skiff. Security officer of Wet Willy’s told officers that the boat was docked at a nearby pier. It is still unclear how the men got from one dock to the next as no canoe was found in the area except for a paddle which remains in the evidence room of the San Pedro Police Department. However the perpetrators got to the Hustler dock, once there they gained access to the bar by removing several glass louvers from the back door. Whilst inside, the culprits made a dash to the cash register which, according to manager had nothing inside. Once they found the liquor cabinet, the men placed several alcoholic bottles on the floor to take with them. However, they remained inside, not to break into the office but police state that they were more interested in raiding the kitchen (cooler) in search for food when they got busted.

    With one suspect in custody, officers continued their investigation and apprehended their second suspect in Caye Caulker as he was getting on a boat en route to Belize City. Police currently have detained two persons and have extended a man hunt for the third suspect. The two detained are said to be Honduran nationals while the third is believed to be a Belizean national.

    The skiff that was left behind was brought across to the Wet Willy’s dock where it remains. The boat contains items such as two mattresses, pots, pans, and several grocery items which led officers to the conclusion that the boat was in fact the culprits’ home.

    The two detainees are Willy Nunez, 40, Honduran laborer of Cortes, Honduras and Jose Alberto Cedillo, a minor of the same address. In the recent months, boat owners have reported that the gas on their boats have been siphoned at night. Investigations, along with confessions, have led officers to believe that the two men in custody and the one still at large may be the ones responsible. The men appeared before San Pedro Magistrates Court on Wednesday where their charges were levied.

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