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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 40            October 11, 2007

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With their second edition now released the Calendar Club gears up for yet another fruitful year with one set goal – to provide financial and educational opportunities to the children of Ambergris Caye. Their first edition, Isla Bonita Calendar Girls 2006, showcased the beauty of our environment and of the “young at heart” ladies willing to take their clothes off for a good cause.

    This year is no different, except for the fact that instead of 12, there are now 13 buxom beauties! The calendar features Joyce Taylor as Miss January 2009; an extra treat for the beginning of next year. What a way to ring in the surprises of 2009.

    With various settings including Caribbean Villas, Changes in Latitude, Caribe Island Resort, Butterfly Jungle, and the Riviera Maya as well as on our beautiful azure waters, the 50 and over mesmerizing beauties, decked out in nothing but several strategically placed items, showcased their natural beauty. They say we only get better with age and my, oh my, do these ladies prove that. With props such as seashells, flowers, books, and umbrellas covering “certain body parts”, the models look dazzling in every single photograph. This calendar is definitely one to keep year round and purchase to send as gifts.

    Innovative and cheery, the ladies all agreed that at first they were shy to “take it off” but realizing the importance of the calendar they slowly let their clothes fall off. “It is for a wonderful cause, so why not do it,” commented Miss March Beth Rogers. Miss June Susie Quist could not agree more and plans to sign up for next year.

    This year’s funds will be going to the San Pedro Roman Catholic School to help with the completion of their Library/Media Center. The school still needs funds to help with the finishing of the construction costs. However, to make the Library/Media Center fully functional it is in need of shelving, tables, chairs, desks but the girls would really like to raise enough funds to also be able to include some computers and computer stations. These along with other school projects are the girl’s motivation.

    The local girls for this year’s thirteen month edition are: Miss January, Carol Ewing; Miss February, Cindy Rinert; Miss March, Beth Rogers; Miss April, Eve Dembeck; Miss May, Vicki Campbell; Miss June, Susie Quist; Miss July, Cathy Nagel; Miss August, Emma Carter; Miss September, Diane Campbell; Miss October, Carol Busby; Miss November, Kate Eggert; Miss December, Dixie Bowen and Miss January 2009, Joyce Tudor.

    Calendars run for $20 Bze and are available for shipping to anywhere in the world. Miss November Kate Eggert commented to The Sun that in the works is a Calendar Girls’ website where purchasing a calendar will be easier through Pay Pal. “It is coming soon. We just want to thank everyone who has helped. And, thanks to all those who attended our signing party and purchased our first calendars.”

    For further information on purchasing calendars, kindly call Kate at 206-2668 during normal business hours.
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