Halloween Madness takes over San Pedro!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 42            November 1, 2007

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Ghouls and Goblins, witches and wizards, mummies, devils and numerous other creatures of the night roamed the streets of San Pedro at the various Halloween events in town. Halloween in San Pedro keeps getting bigger and better every year and this was clearly visible this past weekend. For your viewing pleasure: here is a collage of the different spooky events held over the Halloween season.

Funniest…La Chilindrina (ABC Pre-School)

Scariest...Alex Manuel (the grim reaper) (ABC Pre-School)

Cutest costume…Police girl (Nicole Ritchie) (ABC Pre-School)

Most original…Crow and Scarecrow (ABC Pre-School)

1st Place: Scariest …Coconut Husks Man (Ana Alamilla) (Caliente Bash)

BEST GROUP was won by Elvi’s Girls (Caliente Bash)

KIDS won by Bride of Chucky (Stephanie Keating) (Caliente Bash)

2nd Place: Most Creative Black & White Man (Eden Crichton) 1 cellular phone value at $700.00. (Caliente Bash)

SEXIEST was won by Disco Lady (Flor Nuñez) (Caliente Bash)

BEST COUPLE Idolly & Wilber (Caliente Bash)

Most Original: The Aztec Warrior ($1,000 Cash Prize) (Holiday Hotel)

Chucky and his Bride (Holiday Hotel)

Meet Little Red Riding Hood – Kendra! (Holiday Hotel)

Most Elegant: Sisters Yanira and Melissa Henkis! (Holiday Hotel)

It’s Frankie, Frankenstein’s shorter brother! (Holiday Hotel)

La Llorona won “Manager’s Favorite” (Holiday Hotel)

Two lovely ladies (Selenie and Marisela) enjoy the chance to dress up and have fun at the Holiday Bash!

Groups of friends mingled and had tons of fun at the Holiday.

Arriving with troopers and grand fanfare, this sexy cop brought in her favorite inmate to party with!

Fun entrances were the way to go this year, as Mr. Bones hits the parties on his motorcycle.

Ambergris Caye Elementary School held their own Halloween Fair on Friday October 26th as well, and children of all ages were thoroughly entertained. Pictured is one impressive coffin-costume combination!!

The Lions Club had their own Halloween bash on October 20th, and the best group was won by Stephanie, Findley, Liliana, Juvinie and Emily. Juvinie was also the winner of “Funniest Costume” at the Caliente bash one week later, where he dressed as a pirate!

Trick or Treat!

These costumes certainly added some spice to the shopping experience at Moondancer on Halloween. The beautiful salesgirls are ready to hand out treats to the children in style!

Moms take their babies out for some trick or treating, and everyone is happy to hand out treats to these adorable munchkins – oh, and the children get their treats as well!

It’s a Father and Son group effort! Trick or Treat…

Welcome to the annual SAGA Fundraiser held at BC’s beach bar and grill!

It’s a new species! It’s Mutley, the SHARK DOG!!

And the prize for scariest pet costume goes to: the Vampire Chihuahua - “Dogrula”!

What a pretty doggie! Puchuga shines in her costume! One more smile, the camera loves you!

Everyone loves a Hula dance. How about one from Patty’s colorful Hawaiian turtle?

What a treat! A real “hot” dog!

Creativity abounded at the SAGA fundraiser. Simply check out this dog’s costume!

Strange creatures roam the beaches: look, it’s SPIDER DOG!!

Being beautiful is hard, and this doggie is exhausted! But they managed to raise $5,300!!

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