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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 49            December 20, 2007

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Private Investigator:
Q: I thought registration for votes was over and done with. Now, I see a sign saying that you can get registered at that business. If I have not registered to vote yet, am I still on time for General Elections 2008?

A: July and August were the set months for the transfer of votes. Belizeans who had registered in previous years and had moved to a new constituency had to transfer their votes in those months.

    This time of the year, new voters who have never registered are asked to kindly stop by your closest Elections and Boundaries office and register. People living in Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker belong to the Belize Rural South constituency. As of, October 2007, 5159 were the registered voters in that area, 2848 being male and 2311 are female.

Who is eligible to Register to Vote?
Every person who is:
*18 years or over
*A citizen of:
-Any Commonwealth Country who has resided in Belize for not less than 12 months
-Any Commonwealth Country who is domiciled in Belize, AND
-Resident in the electoral division not less than two months

Where to register?

    Visit the Registration Office of Elections and Boundaries Department in your area (In San Pedro, that would be the Coldwell Banker building. Twelve District Offices countrywide are manned by Registration Officers.

How do you become registered?
*Make a personal application
*Take proof of eligibility to the Registration Office in your area-
-Birth Certificate
-Naturalization Certificate
*Fill out and sign Application Form and Record Card
*Take a photograph for the ID Card and the Record Card

    An Investigation is carried out by Registration Officers to verify residence and other particulars.

    A temporary list of applicants called “Supplementary List” is prepared by the Registering Officer for public scrutiny from the 15th to the 25th of the month. These are posted at all Registration Offices.

    If there are objections during the 15th to the 25th, the following is completed before proceeding to Revision Court:
-The persons objected to, are informed by registered mail
-The names of the persons objected to, are published in one newspaper and the Gazette
-The Revising Officer in a Revision Court approves the Supplementary List at the end of each month.
-A Revised List is prepared. Only those on the Revised List become Registered Electors.
-The Revision Court is the sole authority to decide who will remain on the monthly Revised List.
-ID Cards are issued to those on the Revised List approximately one week after the Revision Court.

What is the Cycle for Voter Registration?

    The process of registration is continuous and it is conducted every working day. The process for a month is closed on the 10th in order to prepare the Temporary or Supplementary List for the 15th as required by law.
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