Georgetown Ibayani upset San Pedro Dolphins

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 1            January 3, 2008

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San Pedro had several plays and attempts at goal, but failed to capitalize on them.

The last match-ups for the year was in full swing over the holiday weekend, take a look at the current update as of week 14.

    On Sunday, there were four games on schedule: at the Norman Broaster Hankook Verdes took on Revolutionary Conquerors but that bout would end in a 1-1 stalemate. At the Carl Ramos Stadium, Wagiya took care of business at home as they defeated the mighty FC Belize in a bout that ended 3-2 in favor of Wagiya. The third match took place in the City’s MCC Grounds where the Belize Defense Force had a date with the visiting Suga City Juventus. This match kept fans interested all through regulation time, but the BDF crew were more aggressive and got the 3-2 victory.

    Closer to home at the Ambergris Stadium, the San Pedro Dolphins hosted the GeorgeTown Ibayani football club for a match that saw plenty of fans make it out to watch the game. The Ibayani club had their bunch of supporters equipped with their Primero and Segundo drums and kept the beating drum rhythms all thru the game. The game got off on a bad note for the Dolphins and basically set the tone for the rest of the game. Early in the first Jeffery Apolonio posted the first goal in favor of Ibayani 1-0. Exhaustion and fatigue was visible on the islander’s front, but nevertheless, they would continue to play the field. At minute 76, Bent Burgess got a clear shot at goal and he certainly capitalized on that with a right foot kick into goal for a 2-0 lead. After a desperate attempt to get back in the game, the Dolphins turned to Gabriel Hicks who managed to take a shot at goal and cut the deficit in half, 2-1. But, folks that’s were the story would end for the Dolphins as the minutes ticked away, the Ibayani added pressure on the field and prevented the Dolphins from stepping up. Georgetown Ibayani came, saw and conquered over the Dolphins in a 2-1 ballgame.

    Can’t get enough semi-pro football action; check out the weekend’s schedule: On Saturday, January 5th, Santel’s will host the San Pedro Dolphins at the Norman Broaster to kick off at 7:30pm. On Sunday, January 6th, Suga Boys Juventus hosts the Hankook Verdes at the People’s Stadium to kick off at 3:30pm. Also on Sunday, Conquerors will take on Wagiya at the Carl Ramos Stadium at 4:00pm, whilst FC Belize will host Georgetown Ibayani at the MCC Grounds which kicks off at 4:00 pm. The current standings after week 14 show Wagiya taking over the top with 20 points, followed by Hankook Verdes with 19 points, FC Belize and the Belize defense Force are tied with 18 points apiece. San Pedro Dolphins show 14 points; Juventus, Ibayani and Santel’s are tied with 13 points apiece whilst Conquerors show 11 points. The Sun will have a fresh dose of the weekend’s sports in next week’s issue!

Feedback from fans, owners: San Pedro Dolphins in slump? After the demoralizing loss to the Georgetown Ibayani on Sunday, December 30th, the islands fans are questioning the San Pedro Dolphin’s heart and character towards playing in the semi-pro football tournament. Despite this year’s addition to include striker Ramon Hicks and Paraguay sweeper Felix Alvarez, the San Pedro Dolphins were dubbed one of the stronger teams of the league. But after their slump during the last couple games, the rumor mil started spinning out of control. The San Pedro Sun got some feed back from the fans; coaches and commentators on the teams’ performance and here is what we found out.

Fan 1: “In my opinion, the players are not following through with their physical workouts: they get easily fatigued and burn out too quickly. They have so many opportunities but fail to deliver every time. I think it has a lot to do with the coaching; they are not working out properly and that can clearly be seen at their games,” commented Santos Acosta, football fan/commentator.

Fan 2: “Well, knowing that the Ibayani team was the worst of the league, I came to the game to witness a victory on behalf of the home team but it seems as though they don’t take it seriously. I don’t know why I bother with it but I can tell you for sure that the Dolphins are losing their fan base with every loss. They were the second best team last year and I don’t think they have that hunger to stay at the top this year,” commented fan Ursula Johnson (left).

Fan 3: “I personally love the Dolphins; they have what it takes to become a championship franchise but are slipping up with the team chemistry department. Their input lately has been horrible and I think the team needs to re-group and straightened out the kinks to make their team chemistry work better. The rumor mill claims that the team is playing whilst having a hangover and drinking right before the games and we believe that has to stop if they want to win.” Ibayani fan, name withheld

    The San Pedro Sun placed a call to speak with part owners of the San Pedro Dolphins, GabyArana and Fitzgerald Brown to find out more on the real truth behind the teams performance or lack their of in the past games. “Well the problem for the past couple weeks (over the Christmas holidays) is that there has been too much fiesta. We have discussed this problem with the team in several occasions but in the end, we can’t hold their hands, they are grown men who do what they want to do. But we are working on getting everything and every one on par with each other so that we can play as a collective unit. The players are currently being sanctioned because of their misconduct over the last games.”

    We spoke to part owner, Fitzgerald Brown who gave us a second opinion on the team’s progress:

Fitzgerald Brown, part owner: “It seemed like the team were over confident about going into this game. They believed that they had it made from the get go so that’s why they failed to put interest. But we have met with management and we have discussed the changes that need to be made.”

    Gaby Arana stated that changes are currently being made in the team, “We are currently seeking ways to remedy the situation. We are getting a new head coach to coach the team and will replace our current keeper with former Juventus goalie Woodrow West. Our new head coach hails from Honduras and is considered one of the best so we should be getting better with our performance.” Arana ended by re-assuring its fans to not to worry and assures that the team will make it to the next round, “there is no need for worry, we are currently in fifth place and have 5 games left in the season. If we win 3 and let go of two we are in good shape so I can say that we will qualify for the next round.”

    The San Pedro Dolphins roster includes: Kaedell Middleton, Tonbra Akpobodor, Kent Gabourel, Olvin Serrano (F), Kenroy Witzil, Orland Lyons, Daniel Caliz, Henry Vasquez, Daniel Maldonado, Michael Rowland, Cleon Henry, Jacinto Pinelo, Hazael Coy, Deris Benavides, Victor Morales, Orlando Ramirez, Luis Uribio, Hilberto Caliz, Mario Sikonga, Emory Nunez, Deroll Roaches, Ralph Spain, Erick Rodriguez (F), Orlando Pinelo, Ramon Hicks (F) and Felix Alvarez (F). Currently, the team holds a season record of 3 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses which totals to 11 games played, whilst compared to last years record of 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses for a total of 10 games in the season.

    Still, we have yet to see what will come to pass in the five remaining games of the season. Will the Dolphins make the cut to advance in the next round? We’ll see what happens then; stay tuned!
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