Hoo’s your daddy? 2nd Wahoo challenge set for Saturday!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 3            January 17, 2008

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The second annual Wahoo Challenge is set to take place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, January 19th and 20th and already the buzz around town is the much anticipated fishing expedition.

    Boats filled with euphoric anglers will set sail deep into the Caribbean Sea for this two day venture where they will attempt to reel in the $25,000 catch of the day by bringing in the biggest Wahoo of the competition of over 100 pounds. Dubbed as the most exciting fishing tournament of the season, the Wahoo challenge promises to be bigger and brighter than last year’s first ever challenge. The San Pedro Sun spoke to organizer of the tournament, Alvaro Guerrero who stated that despite not having one single boat registered as of Wednesday morning, he was certain that by Friday more than 21 boats will take part in the competition. Guerrero stated that, “there will be a bimini start at the Ambergris Divers dock. We will have officials at the dock to confirm that each boat made it past the designated mark at the start. It is mandatory for all boats to call in their departure before setting off to sea. We don’t have any boats registered as yet but like last year, anglers waited for the last day to sign up. We will have the weight station, dinner and party at Captain Morgan’s Retreat and I most definitely invite everyone to come out. We will have food, drinks, entertainment and plenty of big fish.”

    Some rules for the tournament are: 1) All boats must pass between Ambergris Diver’s dock and a buoy that will be placed in front. 2) Reel in Wahoo’s only; boats that bring in billfish will be disqualified. 3) No mutilated Wahoo will be weighed, the decision of the weigh master is final and the tail must be attached. 4) The minimum weight of a Wahoo is 20 pounds of which one point is given per pound on the combined weight of two fish. Prizes for the competition include: $25,000 in cash for the first boat to reel in a Wahoo 100 pounds or more, first, second, and third place trophies and cash prizes of $5000, 3000, and $1000 respectively are among the list of great prizes.

    For those not familiar with the level of difficulty in catching one of these bad boys; Wahoo are among the best eating fish in the ocean, commanding a culinary respect that far exceeds that of their close cousin, the Kingfish. Its iridescent colors serve a purpose as it is nature engineered to rely on their distinctive pattern to hide in shimmering depths. Equipped with keen eye sight and teeth made for killing, they frequently ambush prey by vaulting for the surface. Wahoo are arguably considered one of the fastest species of fish ranging from speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

    It’s going to be a monster fishing showdown at the Captain Morgan’s Retreat, it’s a family affair so bring everyone. The Sun will have the results for this tournament in next week’s issue, who will be your WaHOO daddy? Let the fishin’ games begin!

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