Boogie in Belize 4 - Experience the thrill of adventure skydiving!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 9            February 28, 2008

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Skydivers start parachuting down at an altitude of 3,000 feet.

Theyíre dropping from the sky! The sky turns colorful as the skydivers gracefully float down to the landing strip.

The landing strip is, as always, up north of the bridge by Coco Locos Beach Bar and Reef Village.

Youíve watched others do it, seen the videos and photos and thought to yourself, ďIíve really got to try that one day.Ē Well donít put it off any longer as Richard Grimmís Boogie in Belize skydiving team has landed on the island for the fourth consecutive year. A total of 110 skydivers from across the world including Canada, USA, Argentina, Peru, United Kingdom and Belize have embraced the adventure and are here for ten days making their dream a reality.

    Still in full throttle in its fourth year, Richard Grimmís Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated has provided enough chills, thrills and excitement to be every jumperís joy. The main focus of their visits, apart from enjoying jumping over the Caribbean Sea, is to help the community with their contributions of supplies to the schools and library, distributing medical supplies to Ambergris Hopes Clinic and the Fire Department. Tsunami Skydivers also brought down three parachutes which are to be used by the Belize Defense Force for cargo drops.

    On Saturday night, the Blue Water Grill hosted a special dinner to welcome and acknowledge the skydivers and no later than Saturday morning, the skydivers had already attempted their first couple jumps.

    Have you booked yours yet? Enjoy the Perris Valley Skydivingís Super Otter climbing to 13,000 feet and tandem skydive at 120 miles per hour speeds. The twin otter, which depicts a mean shark, can take up to 23 skydivers per jump and within 15 minutes reach the altitude for the drop off.

    Tsunami Skydivers offers a 15 minute tandem training session after which you will be fitted with a jumpsuit and harness. You will practice the basic positions required to exit the aircraft, for freefall and for landing. The ride to 13,000 is taken and once over the drop spot, you will exit the aircraft with your tandem sky diving master and freefall back to earth, traveling at breathtaking speeds. The parachute is opened at 5,000 feet and then commences the exhilarating canopy flight back to the landing field which is still at the Cocoís Locos area in front of Reef Village. The sense of accomplishment is incredible, knowing you met your fear, took control and pushed yourself to take that step is an immense boost in self esteem - only those who have touched the sky can understand.

    On behalf of Richard Grimm and the Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated special thanks is extended to the Belize Tourism Board and Minister of Tourism Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Tropic Air, Travellerís Liquors, CitiTrust International, Zeta Water, Belizean Textiles, Rosalie Staines of Oapn Paki, Sunbreeze Hotel and Sunbreeze Suites, Ecologic Divers, Pedroís Pizza, Belizean Reef, and the numerous businesses who help in one way or the other.

    To book your tandem jump you can call Sunbreeze at 226-2191 or stop by the office and book your jump today! Cost of the jumps is $225US or if you prefer to take stills and camera footage along with the jump its $110US additionally. The skydivers will be here until March 3rd so there is plenty time to make up your mind. If you have ever thought about adventure skydiving, then chances are thereís no reason why you canít experience this ultimate thrill. Donít spend your whole life wishing you should have done it - instead, show off those pictures of you flying through the air for years to come! Experience he thrill and book your jump today!
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