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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 9            February 28, 2008

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Patricia strongly believes that a solid education is the key to anyone’s future.

Ambergris Caye, characterized as the tourism industry earner of Belize, certainly needs capable individuals running its day-to-day activities. The island has to be run as any normal, productive business since many are the town’s needs. As such, many departments fall under the jurisdiction of the San Pedro Town Council, liquor and trade licensing, garbage collection, raking the beaches, sweeping and maintaining the streets, and many others. There are elected officials who are given the honor of running our island in our best interests. Any business needs a good administration and San Pedro has been managed by a young, vibrant individual – Patricia Lizeth Verde.

    Patricia was born in sunny San Pedro Town on December 28th, 1980 to parents Francisco and Pinita Verde. The second child in the family, she grew up enjoying the beautiful, pristine beaches of the island along with her two sisters and one brother. “Tranquility was something that was guaranteed at that time. The beaches were the place to be to spend time with family. Sit, enjoy the scenery or take a dip in the crystal waters, that is how we spent our time,” she commented when reminiscing on her fondest childhood memories.

    Patricia began her education at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School which she successfully completed in 1993. At the tender age of 12, she left the comfort of her home to further her education in Belize City at the acclaimed St. Catherine’s Academy, an all girl institution. Her four years at the academy culminated when Patricia graduated after passing her studies effectively in the Business Clerical field. “I chose Business because I did not like Science,” she jokes. St. John’s College Junior College was the next step in her studies and there she majored in the business field as well. Her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration was accentuated by the Bachelor’s Degree that she received from the University of Belize in 2001.

    Returning to her home town, Patricia attempted to get a good position at a great establishment. Her first employer was Ramon’s Village who hired her as a receptionist at the resort. “It was a good job. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different people,” she stated. After the September 11th tragedy, flights were reduced to the country of Belize and as such Patricia lost her job. Varela’s was her second place of employment, one that Patricia carried proudly for the following three years. There, she was responsible for the general administration of the business. This position gave her the opportunity to put to very good use the field that she had studied in. “It allowed me to practice what I had learned,” she explained, “After some time, however, I began to grow with the business and I felt I needed a bigger challenge.”

    This challenge was met when Patricia applied and received the post of Town Administrator in April of 2006. Today, she is responsible for many of the town’s aspects that keep it running as effectively and with minimal bumps as it does. Not only is she responsible for the day-to-day administration of the town but she also handles employees, finances and the various departments. However, because of Patricia’s good work ability, her portfolio has now expanded to include making recommendations based on financial reports to the Mayor and Town Councilors, liaison between the public and their needs and the Mayor and Town Councilors and when Mayor Elsa Paz and Deputy Mayor Joseph Elijio are unavailable; Patricia is the one on call. “Although it is working out of my office everyday, each day brings its new challenges. That is what I love about the work I do, the various challenges that I face throughout the week.”

    During her free time, Patricia enjoys the same past time she did when she was younger – spending time by the beach. However, she also enjoys dabbling, as a hobby, in Interior and Fashion Design. Even though, she is uncertain of whether she will pursue those two careers, Patricia believes that they are a nice way to spend some deserved time off.

    A solid education, Patricia strongly believes, is the key to anyone’s future. “I believe completing my studies with out any distraction deterring me from receiving my Bachelor’s is certainly a big accomplishment,” she commented. Her education has made Patricia a young professional who at the moment holds the welfare of Ambergris Caye in her hands. Making solid decisions on “Our Belize Community’s” behalf is no easy task but it seems “like a breeze” for Patricia Verde.

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