Child Stimulation Month - Empowering future generations

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 10            March 6, 2008

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ABC Pre-school has their annual cultural day as part of their curriculum.

Ethnic Group – the Mennonite

Ethnic Group – the Mestizo

Ethnic Group – the Chinese

For two weeks in the month of March, pre-schools countrywide are commemorating Child Stimulation Month activities in conjunction with the community. Observed under this year’s theme, “Early Childhood Education, Empowering Future Generations,” preschoolers across the board are learning to sensitize with their surroundings and communities. During the weeks, activities ranging from cultural, civic pride to fun sports days are being held.

    In San Pedro, the ABC Pre-School enjoyed a day of “dress up.” Students arrived at school attired in various ethnic costumes such as Mennonites, Japanese, Mayas, Mestizos and Indians.

    Throughout the week, they were taught the important role each ethnicity plays in the community. Of importance was the fact that they were taught that the country is made up of many cultures working and living together. Of the many activities, others include nature walks, grandparents day, sports day, and Flag Day where the kids will pay special visits to the community centers such as the library, police and fire departments. In a phone interview with Principal of ABC Pre-school, Wil Alamilla, the week’s activities will concentrate on getting to know the community and children will learn about different cultures and about their surroundings. “It’s geared at stimulating every child’s creativity and imagination.” Alamilla continued with extending an invitation to the public who wish to join in the festivities to come by the pre-schools to browse their daily displays and interact with the children and teachers. The activities will culminate with a grand parade with the participation of the islands four pre-schools in which a field day or sports day will mark the end of the stimulation month.

    Child Stimulation Month first began in March of 1984. Activities are planned and organized especially for preschoolers in collaboration with teachers and parents countrywide. These functions are aimed at heightening the awareness among teachers, parents and adults working with children and the wider community about the importance of Early Childhood Education and Development.

    With its positive theme “Early Childhood Education, Empowering Future Generations,” child stimulation month will run from March 2nd to March 14th.
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