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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 12            March 20, 2008

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With development comes many new opportunities for work. Tourism is the key source of income but developers need much more than just tourists. Hotel rooms, homes and businesses need plumbing and electrical work. This too is a valuable necessity in our island; someone who can safely and properly install these amenities to your abode is key. This week, we feature an individual who works arduously in his business but also understands that the island has other needs. He has dedicated himself to assisting the community and has many future plans for development within our town. We introduce Deputy Mayor for San Pedro Town Juan Jose Alamilla.

    Juan was born in the picturesque village of San Pedro on January 22nd, 1965. Born to parents Juan and Angela Alamilla, he enjoyed the peacefulness of the community along with his four sisters and three brothers. “That is what I miss the most,” he stated, “the peace of mind. One could leave their front doors open at night while sleeping without a worry and without a care. That can’t happen now. The amount of traffic, the crime, yeah our island has certainly changed. Not all of it bad, of course, but it certainly is not a village anymore.”

    Juan attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School and once graduated, decided to continue his education at St. John’s High School; an all boys institution that had available a course that interested him – electronic engineering. After graduating successfully, Juan returned to San Pedro and got his first job at the Caribeńa Cooperative as their Assistant Technician in charge of their full refrigeration services. Juan, though, wanted to excel in his profession and knew that in order to get further in his career; he would need to sit the Electrician’s Examination. This he did a year after graduating from St. John’s and he passed it with flying colors. Now, a licensed electrician, Juan became his own boss.

    On May 9th, 1987, Juan married the love of his life, Nely Alamilla, whom he had met through her brother. The couple tied the knot and today are the proud parents of three teenagers, Miss San Pedro Angela Alamilla (18), Juan (17) and Anthony (14).

    In 1997, Juan made his debut on the political arena, “I always thought that there many changes that needed to occur in my community. In order to effect a change, I thought I had to get in it.” Although he did not win a seat, Juan persevered and kept insisting. In 2003, he managed to win a seat and became a newly appointed Councilor for San Pedro Town. As such, he received the portfolio of Parks and Beautification. With this portfolio on hand, Councilor Juan assisted in the construction of Heredia’s Flamboyant Park, San Pedrito Boulevard, and was a great help in getting water across the bridge to the San Mateo Subdivision.

    In 2005, Juan again contested his seat as Councilor; he won. Through his hard work, consideration for the residents and a true love for the community, Juan was given the position of Deputy Mayor just recently. As such, he has vast responsibilities which are separate from his Councilman portfolio. Councilor Juan’s portfolio includes Planning and Zoning, he is the Chairman of the Ambergris Caye Local Building Authority. His biggest concerns include the need for more streets especially with the amount of traffic presently on the island. “We definitely need another route to head south. That is why I am working hard and closely with Area Representative Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. to find a solution to the problem. Our solution comes in the form of opening the road that leads to the south from the San Pedrito Area,” he explained. Another concern is the collection of Property Taxes. “San Pedro can generate money, property taxes have gone uncollected. By collecting these taxes, the San Pedro Town Council will be able to accomplish so much more.” One of his last responsibilities includes managing the town foreman’s, “San Pedro will see quite a bit of change,” he stated.

    In his free time, Juan enjoys reading technical books and manuals. “Anything that assists me in my career is good. Those are the items I prefer reading.” A loving father, affectionate husband, excellent plumber and electrician and a dedicated councilman, Juan Alamilla has proven that understanding the needs of many people, caring for those needs and with the strong support of your family, one person can make a difference in “Our Belize Community.”

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