2008 5-a-side championships!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 21            May 22, 2008

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Red Scorpions 2008 Champs!

Black Eagles

San Pedrito Strikers

Debbie’s Strikers

Sergio “Rat” Tun, Best Goalkeeper.

Luis “Chicken” Hernandez.

Individual trophies, and...

...medals were handed out.

The Five-a-Side football competition culminated in smashing success crowning this year’s champion. The fire was lit and was blown out by the strongest team on Saturday night’s finale that saw Red Scorpions triumph and take the football crown for the 2008 season. Let’s take a look at the highlights courtesy of Pablo Ico at the Sports Council.

    The little league finals were played first: San Pedrito Strikers went up against San Pedrito Bad Boys for the divisions first and second place. The game ended in a draw (2-2) and resulted into taking penalties. The San Pedrito Strikers edged out the Bad Boys by a goal differential 4-3 and grabbed the crown. In the Under 16 division, the Black Eagles battled against Boca FC in an exciting encounter that saw the Black Eagles triumph (7-1) and win the crown.

    Over in the females’ division, Debbie’s Strikers collided with the Aqua Dives Girls for a grizzly affair that saw the Strikers defeat Aqua Dives in a game that ended 9-3 for first and second place. The competition rose to higher levels as the senior matches unfolded at center stage. Third place in that division saw the San Juan crew go head to head against the bad boys of Catrachos. This match ended in a victory for San Juan who blasted them in a 4-2 feat. Lastly, the main event saw a clash of the titans as the season’s best teams Red Scorpions and VOP Boomers were locked in bitter combat. The sports arena was packed for this match and the roaring screams of the onlookers that echoed throughout town proved this one was a monster collision. The season’s best striker, Luis Hernandez of Boomers was on fire, but his individual effort would not be enough to capture the title and the Red Scorpions went on the post the big “W”. Thus, Red Scorpions are the 2008 Five-a Side football champions.

    After the matches the awards ceremonies ensued and Mayor Elsa Paz was on hand to give out the trophies and medals to the winners. Most goals scored went to Luis ‘Chicken’ Hernandez who scored over fifty five goals in the season whilst Sergio “Rat” Tun was awarded Best Goal Keeper. Red Scorpions took home $1,500 in cash and individual trophies whilst Boomers walked away with $1,000 plus individual medals. The other division winners got a team trophy and individual medals and we certainly take this opportunity to “big up” all winners who made this one a smashing football success.

    On behalf of the Sports Councilor Pablo Ico, special thanks go out to all sponsors and team members who partook in the competition. Everyone that assisted in the weekly games especially the working crew, referees and to Mr. Efrain Guerrero Jr. Special thanks to the Five-a-Side neighbors and the Ico family for their support. Ico went ended with an apology to all those who thought that he ‘never did a good job,’ and invites them to assist and help make the tournament better.

    With the football season written off in this years sporting program, the basketball madness will make its way as the following tournament. Interested teams are asked to sign up for a marathon that will take place this weekend. For more details contact Pablo Ico at the Sports Council.

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