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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 31            August 7, 2008

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- Rosely Castil

Anna Haylock

Daisy Menjivar

Tania Rejon

Roshany Rivero

Lizette Vasquez

The concept behind this year’s Miss San Pedro pageant has been set as “Belizean Treasures.” As such and in preparation for the grand event slated for August 30th, the six contestants traveled to the mainland where amidst caves and forests, had their first official photo shoot. The photos below were taken at various sites including the Caracol Archeological Site, the Belize Zoo and Old Belize. Photographer for the Miss San Pedro Pageant is Jose Luis Zapata.

    With the September Celebrations around the corner, the official crowning of the new beauty ambassador would take place on September 10th, during the St. George’s Caye festivities. As such, The San Pedro Sun will provide you with a brief introduction of all the girls: Rosely Castillo, Anna Haylock, Daisy Menjivar, Tania Rejon, Roshany Rivero, and Lizette Vasquez.

Rosely Castillo representing Sunrise Realty

    Seventeen year old Rosely is a student at the San Pedro High School. Currently in her senior year, she is pursuing the business field as her aspirations are to become a savvy businesswoman. Originally from Belmopan, Rosely and her family fell in love and were eager to make San Pedro their new home over a decade ago. “This is a new experience for me,” she commented, “I attribute all that I am to my mother who has always been there to support me.” Rosely’s hobby is dancing and if she were to win plans to assist the San Pedro Town Council in their many endeavors.

Anna Haylock representing Castillo’s Hardware

    Anna is a 16-year-old student who was born and raised in San Pedro Town. In her third year of schooling at St. Peter’s College, she plans on pursuing the business career enabling her to open up her own business venture soon. “And, San Pedro would be the perfect place to start,” she explains. Anna grew up watching pageants and always admired they way the contestants presented themselves on stage. “But, I have to say that my sister and Lety Lara are the ones that motivated me to pursue the Miss San Pedro Pageant.” Anna states that her hero would be no other than her mother, “she is a single parent who raised nine of us by herself. She still got all of us through school and paid for it all by herself, she is my hero.”

Daisy Menjivar representing Costa del Sol

    Currently attending San Pedro High School in her third year, 15-year-old Daisy is originally from Independence Village. Following the business career, she is motivated to meet new people in the island that she now calls home. Football, dancing and singing are Daisy’s hobbies and she would love to have the opportunity to represent San Pedro in a respectable and friendly manner. She would love to, “gain a lot of fun from this experience, as well as meeting new people and the contestants I’m going up against”

Tania Rejon representing Jaguar’s Temple

    Born in Orange Walk, 16-year-old Tania has been raised in San Pedro since she can remember. On her senior year at San Pedro High School, she looks at the Miss San Pedro Pageant as an opportunity to gain a lot of experience that might prove helpful to her future endeavors. Tania’s hobbies include dancing, swimming and playing sports. She stated, “I would love to represent San Pedro in a respectable manner and to show people that San Pedro are distinguished people. I would cherish my time as Miss San Pedro.”

Roshany Rivero representing Fido’s Courtyard

    Fido’s Courtyard is being represented this year by sixteen year old Roshany Rivero. The second form, St. Peter’s College student is originally from Corozal Town. Studying business would be her ideal career move since according to her, “All my family does accounting and I have grown to love numbers. An accountant is what I would hope to become when I grow up,” Roshany commented. Having her uncle by her side is what Roshany treasures the most since she sees him as her hero, “My uncle is always behind me and always encourages me to do the right thing. I want to win. I always dreamed of being a queen and this is my opportunity.”

Lizette Vasquez representing Ramon’s Village

    A senior at San Pedro High School, Lizette is a sixteen year old student eager to become an accountant in the near future. Encouraged by her mother, Lizette enjoys dancing and football. She strongly believes that a sound education is key to a successful future. However, according to her, good values are also important. Lizette’s hero is her mother since, “She has raised me and my brother the best way she knows how. She did it alone and for that we are proud.”

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