Road to ’09 – UDP continues their campaign

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 1            January 8, 2009

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Mayor Elsa Paz meets with San Mateo resident.

With elections getting closer, the United Democratic Party (UDP) was back in full swing carrying out their door-to-door campaigning. What they began in November, Mayoral Candidate Elsa Paz and her six councilors continued when they pounded the streets in an effort to gather information and concerns from the residents.

    Mayoral Candidate Paz and Councilor candidates Juan Alamilla and Pablo Ico rendezvoused at the San Mateo Area where they spoke with concerned residents. According to Paz through the present council’s efforts, much change has come to the San Mateo Area, and includes assisting them with acquiring potable water. Paz stated that the concerns in the area are definitely the construction of road and assistance with electrification. She explained that money has already been allocated for the electrification. As for the road construction, dredging for the geotubes commenced on Wednesday, January 7th, but the dredging will continue in the area. This in turn will be used to start filling in the roads at San Mateo.

    The UDP team broke in two and Councilor Candidates Severo Guerrero, Justiniano Guerrero and Romel Gomez took their campaigning to town.

    Voters: Get informed, take a part in the change that Belize is about to experience. VOTE!
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