SPTC Land Sales in question

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 8            February 26, 2009

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A land title surfacing for San Pedro Town Council Deputy Mayor Juan Alamilla has shed light on land sales taking place at the council’s offices. Prior interviews and speeches presented by Councilor Alamilla have revealed that land sales have occurred at the council to the tune of approximately $5 million. During these times, he stated that these monies were in turn used to pay Medina’s Construction Company for the Street Rehabilitation Projects spearheaded by the Town Council.

    The land title in question highlights Deputy Mayor Alamilla as the proprietor of Block 7, Parcel 5515, issued on May 14th, 2008 and gives him sole ownership of an island which is 1.3 acres in size and located to the West of Ambergris Caye. This property, purchased by Alamilla, was recently re-sold through a real estate office for an amount of $160,000US. In addition, a second property of 1.5 acres was recently sold by Alamilla to a local doctor for a price tag of $50,000. According to the Doctor, this transaction was carried out between him and an un-named Councilor and not directly with the San Pedro Town Council.

    In an interview with Alamilla, he explained that close to three years ago, the San Pedro Town Council needed funds to pay Medina for the street project. When funding for the project was not coming in, Alamilla purchased property belonging to the Council in order to resell it for a profit to help pay Medina. When asked how much property was bought and at what price, Alamilla explained that it was approximately 10 acres of the Caribbean Coves Area and that close to $300,000 was paid for it. Although the initial transaction took place more than three years ago Alamilla stated, “I have not done the complete survey so I don’t know how much land I actually have.” And the actual dollar amount paid for the land is unknown to Alamilla, as well, since when questioned he responded with, “I am not sure.” What he does know is that the island in question forms part of those 10 acres as does the land sold to the doctor, “other sales will also come out soon,” he explained.

    The interview with Alamilla revealed that close to 300 acres of Caribbean Coves land were up for sale. Out of these, a large parcel was broken down into lots and is in the process of being sold as part of the subdivision. An additional 12 acres were recently sold to another individual at a price of $170,000, $12,000 for the property and $50,000 was used for survey fees and such.

    In closing, Alamilla stated that the monies with the land transactions are accounted for within the San Pedro Town Council financial report.

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